The whole process of birth to normal childbirth are you sure you want to know!

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The whole process of birth to normal childbirth are you sure you want to know!

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Along with the popularization of natural childbirth and popularization, although mothers agree birth brings the baby, mother brought to the benefits of, but there are still many pregnant mother has no confidence in his ability to natural childbirth, today, we are going to to pregnant mothers to cheer up!

The whole process of the normal childbirth eutocia labor time

First production process

The first stage of labor is the beginning of a regular contraction of the uterus, which is the first stage in the production process until the uterus is completely opened. Experts said that the first stage of labor, cervical is from close to 10 cm open, need to last for a very long time, primipara with about 8 to 14 hours; parous women about 6 to 8 hours.

After the first onset of labor, uterine neck will become soft, uterine mouth slowly open, amniotic fluid and mucus to lubrication and help the baby through the birth canal. Then the uterus begins to shrink automatically, increase the pressure inside the uterus, squeeze the uterus mouth, make the cervix of the uterus expand. Help the fetus to slide down. Pains appear, uterine mouth began to open.

When the cervix opens to about 5 cm, contraction will become very strong, you just very calm, this time may become nervous, frightened, because this time is feeling the pain of the most intense when.

The whole process of the first production process

During the preparation of the fetus and the birth canal: fetal like the mouth of the uterus decreased, but the mouth of the uterus and the perineum opened only a little bit.

Of the fetus and the birth canal: fetal head down, forcing the uterus mouth slowly open.

Intrapartum fetal and fetal status: the birth canal to mothers anus the direction of rotation of the body, slowly out.

The second stage of labor

The second stage is the period of the fetus, the fetus from the uterus to the neck.

Time: primipara for about 30 minutes to 2 hours; the multiparous about 5 minutes to 1 hours. In the second stage of labor, uterine mouth, rupture of the amniotic fluid, you will feel the warmth of the stock of liquid outflow from the vagina at this time. At this time the contraction time will become longer and longer, more and more high frequency. Pain will defecate feeling, then you have to closely cooperate with the doctor's password, breathe and push until the expulsion of the fetus.

Third production process

The third stage is the period of delivery of the placenta.

Time: primipara and multipara about 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Analysis of the second stage of labor and delivery process with the third stage of labor

This time your uterus mouth is completely open, you need to start according to the doctors that correct output to the, you frequently force after, fetal head will looming, this time you have to continue to force fetal head will be fully exposed.

Note this time need to have been forced to see the head of the fetus, but if forced excessive, may tear your perineal, so be sure to follow the doctor to remind.

Bao Baotou came out, the body turns 1/4, the general shoulders and the body will come out together.

After delivery of fetus, the contraction will have short zhe stop, you will feel a lot easier. About about 10 minutes apart, and there will be a contraction, the placenta and amniotic membrane discharge. At this moment, the whole process of the whole process is over.

Let the pain of childbirth a happy experience -- Doula delivery

Doula is a kind of human nature of mode of delivery, in pregnant women in labor, equipped with a doula doula, of women "one to one" the whole company delivery, and in the prenatal, delivery and postnatal for women to provide comprehensive, thoughtful, meticulous service, greatly reducing the rate of cesarean section.

Maria Maternity nurse introduced said: maternal in childbirth because of the tension and anxiety, cause uterine atony, prolonged labor, Doula delivery with Doula in the birthing process from the beginning to the end to accompany in the maternal side, and proficiency in obstetrics and gynecology medical knowledge, to provide effective methods and suggestions in different stage of labor, for some of the natural childbirth have fear of women is a very good choice.

Maria doula served by professional a doula, obstetricians. Years of birth experience and professional medical knowledge, in the whole process of the company can timely detection and treatment of women.

Doula service what to do for mom?

1, in the entire production process, giving the maternal psychological counseling and emotional support, help puerpera alleviate or removal of anxiety, tension, fear and other negative emotions, and enhance the confidence of natural childbirth;

2, dietary guidance, guide the reasonable nutrition of maternal diet, to ensure that the whole process of maternal labor has plenty of physical strength;

3, the maternal family members to guide the church family members how to scientifically help mothers, so that their families know their roles and roles, so that maternal family support from family;

4, delivery guidance, the production process to the maternal, maternal breathing

5, guidance and other stages of labor matters and essentials;

6, the use of appropriate technology to effectively reduce the pain of childbirth, and thus reduce the pain of childbirth;

7, reasonable position, scientific guidance of maternal use of various advanced tools and other measures in order to guide, the progress of labor;

8, according to the needs of the individual differences in maternal, to provide one to one personalized full service, so that mothers feel at ease, comfortable through the production process.