Children do not fall on a word, how to do!

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Children do not fall on a word, how to do!

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Recently, heard the treasure mama in complain,The child is more and more like the destruction of the, tearing paper towels everywhere, toys, throw, and evenA word is not broken thingsI really don't know what to do.

For example, just give him to buy transformers, two days, deformation, do not know, head abruptly to wring the arms also give strong pulled out.

The dumbfounding, treasure dad put the phone on the sofa, and after using the toilet back found, his cell phone in the glass bubble, treasure dad frozen after a few seconds, instead toward the baby stared one eye, and the baby a face of injustice, completely get to treasure dad angry.

Do you have such an "invincible" baby? Light tore the book was out of order, heavy things fell and smashed to pieces.

Why does the baby suddenly become so love "destroy"? In fact, it is their "failure reasons".

Why does the child become "the king of destruction"

1 explore the world

All three to five year old children begin to contact and understanding of the outside world, meet what he is interested in, he will want to see what was going on, so he will use touch, taste, smell, even fall method, to see if it will produce what kind of reaction.

2 vent emotions

About three years old child, his language cannot very good expression their wishes and adults face rejection, he will feel depressed, and he will be with extreme behavior, breaking things smash things to protest and announced their dissatisfaction.

3 seeking attention

For children, the 34 year old is their language and character formation of the sensitive period, they like to communicate with others, however, if not to respond to the exchange of information from the, they will take measures against, fall the thing to throw things, even if have to bear the blame, will cause the parents attention.

4 mom and dad are so "destroyed"

Three years old children of the nervous system to further improve, began to pay attention to the expression of adult talk, the way to do things, like to imitate adult behavior, throw things in the fall is no exception.

Some parents at home, quarrel or minor, love throw pillows. And this scene in the baby's view, he understood that the fall thing is fun.

To "destroy the baby" the correct guidance

1 "curious baby" you want to throw it

The baby has "damage" behavior, the expensive toys are closed up, instead of him to buy some cheap, safe toys, he will toss about, to meet his curious nature.

The building block is an excellent choice, not only to provide him with the opportunity to remove the damage, but also to encourage him to try to combine the demolition of the building blocks.

Sometimes, mom and dad can also participate in the destruction of the child action. Such as when the baby in the "slicing" Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, accompany him. "If you look at transformers have what, why move?" Guide and help children to find the answer, to meet the child's curiosity, enhance children's awareness.

2 "angry baby" I need to talk to you

The baby is teething like sugar, mom and dad will be rejected, by breaking things to protest expressed dissatisfaction.

This time, mom and dad to choose other foods to let him calm down, and tell him something to eat, but not by fall form to express their emotions, but to take with her mother said.

By making him understand that something is not a way to convey emotions.

3 "lonely baby" is that I ignore you

Sometimes the baby fell for a simple reason, that is, you ignore him. "Mama," "mama," when he calls you, you're still focused on your own business. Baby there is no way to pick up the things on the ground to fall.

At this time, you have to put down the work on hand, while playing with his building blocks to tell him that his mother will be more time to accompany you, but you broke the cup is not right.

Remember, every day to arrange their own time, every day after work to the children before going to bed to put down the work of things, put away the phone, to accompany the child, and so the child fell asleep, and then began to work.

4 to "imitate the baby" set a good example

A lot of working mothers to work tired into a dog, go home from work have to clean up the housework. Hard boiled rice, the result was also too terrible, so a bowl is more wash more irritable and turned her apron off, to the table a fall, blurt out a sentence "Laoniang do".

And these little acts are seen in the eyes of the baby. Children are now in the stage of imitation, our words and deeds is a child to imitate the source. Therefore, we must set a good example to the children.

I * * * *

So, in the face of children love the destruction of this thing, do not need to worry about the treasure mother, the child's little "damage", not intentional, but they began to contact and understanding of the outside world.

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