The 43 year old maternal cesarean section was the first girl, and she became a vegetable

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The 43 year old maternal cesarean section was the first girl, and she became a vegetable

2016-07-21 01:07:55 570 ℃

Miss Lu 43 years old, 3 years of pregnancy and finally the first pregnancy, since pregnancy, has been carefully, for fear of what went wrong, the father is also carefully care.

Why Ms. Lu 43 years old before pregnancy, the thing is such, Ms. Lu family background is good, in more than 20 years old, talked about love a few times, but to no avail and eventually, coupled with the fact that the DINK thought is more popular, so in 10 years time not to love. Home how to urge how forced are indifferent.

Later the company moved to Beijing, in the 35 year old acquaintance now wife, Mr. Zhang. Two people dating for five years and finally get married, that isMiss LuAt the age of 40, and then 3 years of pregnancy, the first child on the pregnant. It can be said that this is a very tortuous road.

Ms. Lu the expectant mother's pre date is June 10, in the wife and the family accompanied by people, a few days earlier hospital to prepare for childbirth. After the doctor to check the body of the pregnant woman, or recommended to choose a cesarean section, after the family agreed to consult, are to be delivered by caesarean section so as to compare the safety of delivery methods to produce.

In the delivery room anesthesiologists have Ms. Lu under anesthesia, in good condition after the confirmation, the doctors and nurses began to perform a caesarean section in the, the operation is still relatively smooth, after more than two hours. The baby to take out the, baby girl, 7 pounds 3. When the nurse does not give the female baby after filing procedures, and, Behold, it Ms. Lu suddenly appeared respiratory failure and coma, although by the hospital, Ms. Lu is still in a coma.laterTo accept further treatment, diagnosed as "hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, hospitalization is still in a coma, is what we call a vegetable.

For this the whole family were very sad, but can not accept this fact, so the accident was questioned, the following things are still dealing with, but female baby is born, it is very lovely and rare, but can not really love, this will not and cicada, so I hope such a thing, don't in the event of a, I hope each treasure mom every child is healthy.

So the old womanWhat are the maintenance measures pregnancy

1, pregnancy to ensure that the diet structure of rationality, the intake of excessive amounts of fat and protein prone to cause fetal overgrowth, coupled with increased number of delivery, uterine cavity volume change, early pregnancy reaction light, abdominal wall relaxation, which can lead to fetal macrosomia, which occurred in the dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage, and so on.

2, the elderly maternal special attention to regular hospital check, do a good job of the corresponding prenatal screening. Pregnant 12 weeks before it is best to do a B to exceed, verify the expected date of childbirth, to understand the growth and development of fetus. Huaike conditions for early screening for Down's syndrome. Above a child is a caesarean section production is required ultrasound resolution gestational sac and previous cesarean uterine incision of the relationship, to determine whether the risk of placenta accreta, ahead of time to assess, and to make ready to deal with placenta accreta in production. During the 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal screening should be carried out to determine the possible symptoms of the fetus. For more than 35 years of age and older mothers are recommended to do amniotic fluid puncture after 20 weeks of pregnancy, according to fetal chromosome understanding of fetal abnormalities.

3, maternal age susceptible to pregnancy complicated with heart disease, pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes mellitus etc., pregnancy should pay close attention to the sugar, blood pressure and other indicators, also due to a marked increase in pregnant women in vivo blood capacity than non pregnancy, increase the burden on the heart, while the original with pregnant women with heart disease is likely due to the inability to tolerate and had to termination of pregnancy. Older mothers will increase the difficulty of natural childbirth, need to be prepared in advance.