When the baby will regret forced improper life!

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When the baby will regret forced improper life!

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In first pregnancy pregnant mothers from uterine mouth open to the expulsion of the fetus, generally not more than 2 hours time. So within these 2 hours, the mother will not be forced, it is important for the production of the smooth.

How to correct the pregnant mother during childbirth

When the uterus is fully open

When your uterus mouth opened wide, perineal swelling, then pregnant mother should force correctly during uterine contraction, in order to increase abdominal pressure assist contraction force to promote childbirth. Pregnant mothers during uterine contraction to take a deep breath and the throat tightly closed, such as stool as forced down the Valsalva maneuver, such elevated intra-abdominal pressure to promote uterine contraction, to accelerate fetal delivery.

When intermittent contractions

When the intermittent contractions, the pregnant mother should recover from a quiet rest. If the abdominal pressure and contraction force with the proper, will make the delivery of the fetal stage time is shortened obviously, but if the improper force is not a proper role, such as some pregnant mother desperately crying and shouting, not only physical exertion, causing fatigue and lead to uterine atony, affect the production process.

When the fetal head down to a very low

When the fetal head down to a very low, the most appropriate use of abdominal pressure. At this time the doctor will be routine inspection and asked pregnant mothers to use abdominal pressure. If the cervix is unopened, even if you have severe defecate feeling must work hard and, do not force, so as to avoid the weakness is in late delivery. You should be in the contractions big mouth breathing, relax muscles, not hard breath.

Note: the use of abdominal pressure should be how long, according to the specific circumstances, mainly to see the degree of decline in the head. If the fetal head progress is relatively slow but has in vaginal mouth see fetal head, pregnant mothers with abdominal pressure for a long time, has reached 30 minutes, even for 1 hour, then with forceps or fetal head is negative pressure aspirator help delivery, and on parturient underwent perineal resection.

Avoid mistakes

Initial production, a lot of things are not experienced, for the moment of birth when the problem is not even know. Some pregnant mother thought, when the stomach pain began to force, in fact, this is not correct, in childbirth, to avoid the following errors of the force method.

1, loud groan or shouting. Childbirth shouting is not able to reduce labor contractions pain, but may be due to hyperventilation, resulting in reduced maternal hypoxia, fetal brain, umbilical cord, uterus, placenta blood circulation, secondary alkalemia and so on, but also too much physical exertion, wait until the real force may be unable to use.

2, in the first stage of labor is valsalva. Pregnant mother if in the first birth process (i.e., dilatation of cervix) breath hard words, premature exhaustion, resulting in behind the true force is needed but cannot use strength and holding breath for too long time easily lead to respiratory acidosis.

3, the head is about to delivery, still down valsalva. This may lead to fetal childbirth too quickly, causing maternal perineal laceration.

Wrong to force the smooth delivery

Birth or not, and whether the pregnant mother has a lot to do right. Pregnant mother only in the appropriate time to force, can do not waste energy, but also to ensure the normal delivery of the fetus. It is worth noting that, pregnant mother to avoid the wrong force, otherwise it will cause the following adverse effects:

1, the opening of the mouth of the uterus.

When the uterus is not fully open the time to force, the entrance of the uterus due to oppression and edema, uterine mouth if too narrow, the opposite will be difficult to open. If premature exertion, the time of delivery will increase, the burden on the fetus and maternal will be very heavy.

2, cause perineal bleeding.

The head of the fetus will come out very slowly, if the pain is strong when the pain, the perineal will become soft, and extend forward, the fetal head out of the time will be open to the genitals. May cause severe perineal laceration, after a long period of time or will be painful, so that pregnant mothers feel very hard.

3, the head of the newborn will be under pressure.

Fetus in the throes of when it will be under pressure, uterine mouth does not fully open, if the mother is forced, the oppression of the birth canal, the fetus will be very painful. Therefore, the uterine mouth is not completely open, the abdominal pressure, will increase the burden on the uterus, the fetus is not enough oxygen and nutrition. Therefore, this time can not be forced, so as not to endanger the safety of the baby.

More and more new mommy brave choice of natural childbirth, not only that, there are people who are willing to share this great process with the users. In the shock, let us from a scientific point of view of the birth of a small life of the fresh moment, not from the great love of great love, the miracle of life!

Husband to appease the wife to give birth

Husband to appease the wife of the birth of a child, a child is a lifetime event for a woman, her husband's encouragement in this process also plays a vital role in.

The birth began.

The beginning of the birth, the wife's face because of the force and rose red.

See your baby's head

After a while, the baby's head shows a little, we can see the baby's hair, this is a very critical moment of delivery.

To further broaden the birth canal

The doctor to help women further broaden the birth canal, which is a step that many women are most afraid of.

Cut open canal

The doctor cut out the mother's vagina so that the baby can be born more quickly.

The baby's head came out.

The baby's head came out, but at this time the mother can not breathe a sigh of relief.

The baby's body is coming out.

The baby's body is coming out soon, the great mother has exhausted the strength.

The body finally came out.

After working hard, the baby's body finally came out, the little guy looks very healthy, very cute.

Clean your baby

The doctor to the baby to clean up the body, we can clearly see the umbilical cord on the baby's umbilical cord

Cut the umbilical cord

The doctor cut the umbilical cord for the baby.

Meet Papa

After several hours of work, the boy finally came out from the dark world, and Dad met for the first time.

Eat the first colostrum

In the mother's stomach, the little guy only through an umbilical cord to absorb the mother's nutrition, and at this time can finally open mouth to suck mother's milk, which is the mother gave him the first meal is also the most nutritious colostrum.

Special tips package must be prepared in advance! And the sooner the better!

The package ready,When will start! So be sure to be in the third trimester of pregnancy and even the middle of the day to prepare some, so as not to pull down anything. In addition, do not say when a one-time ready, if you can not think of the time to launch, you will be a fool!

The package particular thing is the abdomen clothing tips

Postpartum abdomen belt can be used indirectly, such as morning and evening together, at other times their stomach belt. Abdomen belt use, can help the wound recovery of parturient women and all maternal body recovery. But most women don't have to eat them. They are tied to a zombie. But the abdomen inserted is not the same, all postpartum mom can be used, and full wear can be, comfortable as usual backing clothes! Experts suggest that the elimination of the traditional clothes replaced by abdomen!

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