Fetal education can let the baby more clever? Maternity experts reply

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Fetal education can let the baby more clever? Maternity experts reply

2016-07-21 12:34:45 352 ℃

And teach you how to correctly carry out fetal education.

(expert guidance: Ma liangkun, Beijing Xiehe Hospital gynecology and obstetrics department deputy chief physician, the circumference of perinatal medicine will, a member of the young director of China Association of eugenic science, have rich clinical experience of Wai care and obstetric complications and severe treatment.

Fetal education can make your baby smarter?

Many research results show that after training in prenatal most babies, quick mental retardation, language ability, motor coordination agile. So how to prospective parents fetal education to the baby? Dr. Ma Liangkun told you, may wish to try the following 4 methods:

1,Emotional fetal education

Many people think that the fetus in the "Palace", "two ears House Foreign Affairs, with the mother is never mind the mood. In fact, this view is wrong in particular, emotional fetal education is a first step towards maintaining the health of the fetus growth.

In the 280 days of intrauterine life, the fetus through the placenta and umbilical cord to establish contact with the mother. When the mother's mood changes, hormone secretion will change, and through the blood into the placenta, and ultimately stimulate the fetus.

Optimistic, cheerful, full of confidence of the mother, and anxiety, tension, low self-esteem, depression, mother, to the fetus's living environment is not the same. Pregnancy during the mother if the peace of mind, emotional stability, fetal heart slow and regular; if the mood is excited, fetal heart beat faster, when a bad mood continued for a long time will the fetus bring some damage. So, dear mothers, for your child, you should try your best to keep your heart happy, peace and joy.

2,Fetal education language

In addition to prenatal mood, language prenatal education is more important, fetal in 5 to 6 months can hear outside the womb, and will make different responses to different sounds. The specific method is that parents and children to dialogue, parents can ask: "little baby, you can hear the voice of mom and dad?""

Mom and dad can also give the baby to take a neutral, lovely nickname, like friends as with him sincerely chat, or to talk about his story, listen to music. Persist, the baby after birth heard the sound of mom and Dad, maybe there will be a significant response Oh ~ ~ this is language prenatal education of magic.

3,Fetal education music

Music is the best spiritual food. The study found that light and slow music is more conducive to the brain development of the fetus than the noisy sound. Mothers can choose a quiet, beautiful, relaxing music, in the appreciation of the same time, to relax, imagine yourself and your baby together in a beautiful picture.

But the music also need to have fetal education, feeling tired, don't force yourself to listen.

4,Touch fetal education

Mothers can also choose to touch touch the emotional expression is fetal education, because the best. Quasi mother lying in bed, relax the body, hand in the abdomen and gently touching the fetus can also be like coax the baby sleep, gently pat his belly, the fetus will gradually with boxing, skirting ways to respond to your da.

However, in the early pregnancy, close to the expected date of birth should not be carried out oh.

Dr. Ma Liangkun said:

As a mother, you may wish to have a little bit of life in the pregnancy are recorded, this will be a perfect gift for your baby. As a father, must to the prospective mother more care, love and understanding, more involved in prenatal care, will more easily adapted to new roles.

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