Children in the kindergarten these things, do the teacher will not tell you!

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Children in the kindergarten these things, do the teacher will not tell you!

2016-07-21 12:39:49 355 ℃

Wen Wen Wen

Neighbor is a kindergarten teacher, once in the chat mentioned she a student parents and has been impressed her, neighbors in the class students Huahua usually is a naughty, love and other small partners argument, if a classmate and argument, that is the question of who, if a dispute and a lot of children, that really to find reasons from itself the. Time Huahua class and also a little boy had a dispute, playing a little frame, both put up a little color, the second day Huahua's mother came to her door, see the face ask children to fight the reason is slashing the teacher and the little boy fight to scold a meal, has claimed that their children especially good, in the home particularly well behaved, decided not to take the initiative to fight if others don't provoke him. In fact, this is really the first move of Hua Hua's hand, after a neighbor's constant interpretation and the children's testimony, Hua Hua's mother realized that his mistake also after the apology.

Again after this, Huahua's mother frequently asked neighbors to their own children in school performance, whenever neighbor tried to tell the children in school a little selfish wrong, Huahua's mother strongly denied, always said that the child is good, after a few times. The neighbors are no longer to Huahua's mother truthfully report the, also go beyond that.

Kindergarten teacher sometimes also want to tell parents the child specific performance in the school, I hope to cause the attention of the parents, the child can be correct to make progress, the key is to look at the parents attitude, some parents are very justifying or aimianzi, tingbude others that the child, and the teacher will not ask for a snub, to children in schools drawback will be reserved, and this is not conducive to children's growth and progress.

Therefore, when children and chat with the teacher, parents, as far as possible to listen carefully, don't always denied and attempts to interrupt the teacher's words, try to and teachers to frank exchanges, there is no teacher estimates to discredit the child, is the basic objective evaluation of the child's performance in school, such as if a child really lack, parents should accept and and teachers to discuss countermeasures, corrected, after all, the purpose of both sides are the same, is nothing more than hope that children are becoming better.


Children always love hit because of what? What is the child's temper? Children always love to watch TV play mobile phone how to guide? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? Children on the kindergarten crying how to do?

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