Treasure mom hate myself gave birth to a girl, thought by his father

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Treasure mom hate myself gave birth to a girl, thought by his father

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This paper, she's doing.

There is a saying, the daughter is father's intimate small cotton padded jacket, treasure mother Ms. Xu grew up mostly did not understand the father, treasure mom message received, her something extreme, she said his childhood was repressed, less than fully appreciate the so-called father.

Treasure mom Ms. Xu said, my father has a serious patriarchal ideology, his childhood was repressed, fully understand the so-called father, mother gave birth to the second year after her premature death due to illness, listen to my grandmother said, the mother could not give father gave birth to a son is her regret.

Because her daughter, Ms. Xu has been the patriarchal father dislike and even discrimination! Xu lady's mother left, father to her without asking, Xu lady grew along with my grandparents grew up, for the father that is kind of hope, you have no confidence, do not want to contact with their peers, and even some hate myself, why not a boy! The early years of her father had to give her a reason for stepmother, stepmother, father just want to have a home boy. However, due to various reasons, the stepmother didn't find.

Ms. Xu said, they seem to be the father of such ideas have influenced the, Xu lady married pregnant, but throughout the pregnancy she is depressed, has been worried about the unborn baby is a girl, she is in the heart shadow, afraid if the daughter will she treated at the outset. Although her husband and mother-in-law are not boys, she thinks it is only on the surface.

The birth of a child, let her most worried about things happening, a daughter, a child born to Xu lady did not ask the child health or not, but immediately ask the doctor "is a boy or a girl" when doctors say is a girl, and she didn't see a child, husband and mother is very happy, does not mind the child's gender. Ms. Xu's father came to the hospital not happy not to blame, Ms. Xu said, she can feel the heart of his father sigh.

She was not able to give birth to her son, she was afraid of her daughter as she was not fair treatment.

Mom treasure Xu lady in this state is given by their parents, the thought is father "contagion", patriarchal father despises her, change myself to look down on their own, resulting in his now become some "pathological" she is the victim of patriarchal!

In fact, in the patriarchal pedantic ideology, the victims are not only the treasure mom, and not because the son abandonned daughter. Remind of patriarchal parents, please change the wrong view, when you expose this view in front of her had hurt her, do not think that small children still do not understand, in fact, a child of this kind of thing particularly sensitive, the child may be the mouth not to say, actually in the heart is divided into ten uncomfortable. If we grow in this environment, the impact on them is very large. This girl will not be confident, easy to inferiority, in the shadow of the heart.

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