Triplets born died one, because mother a conceited

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Triplets born died one, because mother a conceited

2016-07-21 12:43:04 355 ℃

The birth of children is the common desire of many couples, both said that the child is a gift to the world, bringing laughter to millions of households. However married four years of Chen because the polycystic ovary syndrome has not been pregnant, this let her in front of neighbors and mother-in-law often could not lift their heads.

In November of last year, with almost all his savings Chen himself and husband to the local hospital to do ivf. At that time, she felt that she would fight this time, and if she did not recognize her. Fortunately, a successful, and the implantation of 3 embryos have survived, two people happy really do not know how to do.

However happy not long, Doctor Chen in the body of a comprehensive inspection, tell she was pregnant with triplets of the risk is very big, the probability of premature fetus also increases, it is best to fetal reduction. Heard here, Xiao Chen Jian never agree, she felt she had to fight to this, and began to enjoy as a mother's happiness, and the three are the heart of the baby, she did not want to lose.

When Chen's mood is particularly strong, her husband also advised her not too greedy, she is refused and said they are not mother, just don't understand. Finally, the doctor helpless, but can not force her fetal reduction only advise her to have a good health, regular inspection, to prevent fetal problems.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, Chen sudden abdominal pain pain, sent to the hospital when found she had signs of premature birth, then quickly for her preparation for surgery, a cesarean section was performed. But the child has just landed a son died, and two daughters, the smallest of a 0.5 kg, the biggest one is only 1.13 kg, just after the birth of two children were sent to the intensive care unit.

The doctor said, pregnant with multiple births is not as simple as people say. Not only the fetus may be faced with preterm birth, deformity and other issues, pregnant women themselves are also faced with the risk. Therefore, the number of pregnant women to listen to the best advice from the doctor, as early as possible to choose a safe reduction, so as to ensure the smooth birth of a healthy baby.

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