7 months pregnant when ultrasound could not see the baby lips, doubt is the only birth outcome harelip

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7 months pregnant when ultrasound could not see the baby lips, doubt is the only birth outcome harelip

2016-07-21 12:48:03 648 ℃

I was pregnant 5 weeks before the start of the reaction, to about 8 weeks to do a B ultrasound, confirmed that it is pregnant, a single. Then get busy to check cards, maternal and child once a month.

18 weeks should be screened for Down syndrome, I have to go directly to the treasure is in the city of maternal and child check. I remember that time to check the people very much, I went to the hospital 7 points, and the results have been to 11 points before I checked, checked after the blood, but also good morning to check out, but it is about to starve to death. Some people come to the hospital in the morning, but also to the afternoon to check, think about all feel good pain ah! Because queuing for this reason, the two treasure I directly in the home of the county hospital to do B ultrasound, only the B - B to take to the list of women and children. Went to the maternal and child directly pumping blood, a few minutes to get the. I want it so slowly, so the queue, too much trouble, huh.

Doing four weeks is pregnant 24 weeks - 28 weeks, the doctor casually I do not do, just give me a list, told me if I do it on the phone to make an appointment time is. I didn't do that with Dabao four, the Huai two treasure does not intend to do, did not do the four-dimensional.

To 28 weeks when the doctor let me do a B to exceed an examination of children's growth, do B ultrasound for quite a long time, when the mind is disturbed, the longer the time means the situation. Unsurprisingly, the doctor told me, the other is good, baby is slightly smaller, lips but could not see, let me review for a week. Then heard the whole person is not good, if the baby is a doctor how to do cleft lip, he blamed me for not to do four. I go home to tell the family said the other is good, is the fetal lips can not see clearly? My dad a listen to the county hospital at home to do B ultrasound, simply do not believe. Directly say that this check all right, the home side check there is no technical content. But even so, I was very worried that a week in a very bad mood.

When I go back to my home, I let my husband to accompany me to go to the hospital to check the hospital. With the city hospital's obstetrics and Gynecology doctor said at home to check the mouth can not see, asked to help me see. The doctor asked me for a few months. I said 7 months. "Are 7 months, ah, the greater the fetus, the amniotic fluid is less, do not see very normal ultrasound, is our side is not every time can see clearly. Sometimes once you can see, sometimes for several times can not see, this situation do not have to worry about, there is no problem, and now do not check." Then I went home without a check. But baby is not born, I still worry, the mood is very low. I then told myself, always in a bad mood this is to the detriment of the baby, moreover has seven months, also not drain, then come down, can't spend money to see her. Slowly adjust their mentality, every day with great play, laughing to count the days.

I in the delivery room two treasure, heard the baby crying, my first reaction was asked to deliver the doctor, the baby is healthy, and her lips were not intact. The doctor was scolded, "of course, very healthy, lips very good, what do you think of the out of order!" Ha ha, was called on to be scolded, as long as the baby is healthy, and I have been hanging down the heart is also completely put down the. About three months, it is a false alarm. Baby, mom loves you!