The second child birth to baby boy, my husband and I untied the knot!

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The second child birth to baby boy, my husband and I untied the knot!

2016-07-21 12:50:06 359 ℃

In many outsiders, it seems I am a woman very happy, because I come from the countryside, but I married into the city, my husband has a house and a car, the claim is middle class elite, I thought oneself since then to become human.

Perhaps I was too stupid, I was pregnant with after his first child, he called I quit my job, said the money I earn is not essential for his family, also ah, me a month 3000 and he a month 30000 fundamental Mo FabI. Therefore I have listened to him to quit his job at ease at home child support. I was afraid to tell him that I was afraid of his own life is a girl, he will be in his family in the middle of the status, because her mother has three sons, the other two sons have their own son, he did not. Perhaps the fate is think of me is too smooth, I gave birth to a daughter, the star that, although my husband did not say, but I can feel his pressure. He is in great need of a boy together to take his family business. I even noticed that my daughter's birth did not add a little smile to his face, and even found that he had an increase in the number of insomnia.

Later on I saw an article on the Internet about a woman's medical papers, the main argument is that the basic physical fitness can increase the birth rate of boys. Later my liberal arts graduate, I, especially access to information, found papers say very reasonable, because the alkalinity physique more suitable with Y chromosome sperm viability and alkaline semen in alkaline uterus to more dynamic. So I told my husband this idea, my husband was wild with joy, seems to see a glimmer of hope. She hugged me for a long time......

So, in order to carry out this plan, we have completely changed their eating habits, he asked a special nutrition, and formulated the basic physical nutrition food and beverage plan.

Although my husband used to be so like to eat meat, and do not like to eat vegetables, but in order to get the alkalinity physique, unexpectedly completely changed their habits. I just found out that I was his woman, and I shouldn't let him down. And we carried out a series of exercise programs, because the exercise can allow the body to exclude acidic substances in vitro. And in order to get better effect, usually eat probiotic alkali and alkaline foods fruits and vegetables and other combinations can be quickly promote the formation of alkaline. And then we found out that these plans not only gave us hope, but also found that their bodies became better.

After careful preparation, in order to insurance, we're still in the hospital were blood gas analysis, ensure the humoral slightly alkaline, worth mentioning is normal blood pH value is 7.35 to 7.45, and production inspection after to ensure that both sides of the body are in the best condition. We a lot of passion, in the summer, I am pregnant again, hard look to ten months later, I successfully production under the boy, untie the knot of me and the family man!