Sun Li Deng Chao returned home to his own children to wear second-hand clothing

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Sun Li Deng Chao returned home to his own children to wear second-hand clothing

2016-07-21 12:54:24 1946 ℃

Now a lot of young parents like fashion to catch up with the trend, attaches great importance to the baby's dress dress up, they often give the baby bought a lot just fit of beautiful clothes, but the baby grow very fast, clothes, did not wear long will not fit.

But in fact, you can not waste these almost new clothes. To wear other children through the used clothing, so that not only can save a lot of expenditure, but also on the second hand clothing residues of harmful substances are less, the baby's health is good!

Many star parents also give their children to wear second-hand clothing

1 Sun LiSun Li: as a public Master, she fully embodies the traditional virtues of thrift in clothes. After pregnancy, she asked her friends to start her clothes, and now her son is wearing a second-hand clothing.

2 Li Xiaolu: small sweet sweet just was born before long, Tong Dawei attended the event, said a few days and Mrs. Guan Yue together to visit Li Xiaolu, asked for what gift, she said with a smile: "children's old clothes, she now use.

3 Michele LeeMichele Lee: get married and not because Jiacaiwanguan abandon thrifty nature. As early as she was pregnant with media interviews, she had to show that the child to wear old clothes to consider, because the environmental protection and save.

4 Cecilia Cheung: early in Cecilia Cheung pregnant with Quintus, was the home of the public Xie has publicly said looked at her daughter-in-law bosom baby very happy, not specifically for children to activities and grandson can wear old clothes and brother Lucas. This sitting on billions of dollars of property of the family, not only the adults in the dress thrift, in the children never extravagance and waste.

5 Julie AngelinaDo you think only the domestic star will give the child to wear second hand clothing? Wrong! Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivian wearing although in that body's clothes is in early sister Sahara through. Moreover, Pitt's second child on several occasions wearing old clothes to take to the streets, while the younger sister's body has also appeared in a number of older brother's casual t-shirt. Brother sister through the shoes, my brother and sister will be taken out in a few years to wear.

To give your baby the benefits of wearing second-hand clothes: 1, for children's clothing, through old clothes soft and comfort are better than new clothes, after repeatedly after washing, has been basically eliminated the residual formaldehyde and lead, than new clothes, children wear on the body more safe and comfortable.

2, the province has a cost of home. Baby grow fast, fit clothes will soon wear, and then purchase a comfortable fit clothes need to spend a lot of money, so save the mother will consider to give the baby to wear second-hand clothing;

3, a lot of second-hand clothing is through the transformation of a mother, close to the design of the baby clothes for the baby. The clothes need to fit more rigid than the baby clothes, more suitable for the baby wear;

4, to the baby's choice of old clothes are to be familiar with the selection of the family, the baby's physical condition is clear, there is no infectious diseases are aware of, rest assured. Back then you can wash;

5, folk customs and habits. The old man often said: "the children wear old clothes, longevity." Some local customs and let the baby wear 100 dresses, so as to let the children grow up healthy.