Lightning strike pregnant women live after the birth of a miracle baby body hidden!

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Lightning strike pregnant women live after the birth of a miracle baby body hidden!

2016-07-21 13:01:52 453 ℃

Was struck by lightning, the average person's outcome was killed. But the United States, New Mexico, a pregnant woman was attacked, not only lucky to survive, but also successfully gave birth to a baby. Just 1 years later, most of the baby's hair is still upright, as if forever in a state of charge".

Last year on July 4, pregnant 38 weeks of Kendra's watch fireworks outdoors, in the sky a sudden thunderstorm, she and her boyfriend in a tree shelter, a bolt of lightning hit and fell to the ground. And she was hit by the still standing next to her boyfriend Ian, who was also injured, two people in a coma. Doctors worry that the fetus in the womb suffocation, so the implementation of an emergency caesarean section.

The doctor said that the current from her ears into her body, and then export from the thumb, this is no electricity dead fetus. The graph is a couple of two people.

It is reported that ordinary people in outdoor was struck by lightning probability is less than 28 extremely one of, pregnant women are lightning probability is even smaller, last year the United States only 11 pregnant women was struck by lightning, half of the fetus can not be maintained, more than 80% of fetal health problems.

Fetal period to withstand shock is still somewhat reserved in the Kimberly body, her hair can be easily adsorbed to live a small thin piece of paper, if her dry hair with plastic comb, from time to time will spark coming out. Doctors do not know whether the electrostatic these in her body retained for a long time, but not static of Kimberly health damage.

With the frequent occurrence of lightning weather in summer, the following situation had to pay attention to:

Outdoor lightning protection method

Lightning usually hit the highest outdoor objects spire, so isolated tall trees or buildings are often the most vulnerable to being struck by lightning, people in thunder and lightning, outdoors should comply with the following rules, to ensure safety.

1, thunderstorms do not stay in the tower platform, in the open space should not enter the isolated shack booth etc..

2, away from the building exposed water pipes, gas pipes and other metal objects and power equipment.

3, should not be under the tree to avoid thunderstorms, such as cannot but, shall maintain a distance of 3 meters and the trunk, squat and legs close.