I was a very thin person before I was pregnant, and I said I was changing my weight throughout the pregnancy.

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I was a very thin person before I was pregnant, and I said I was changing my weight throughout the pregnancy.

2016-07-21 13:02:54 435 ℃

I belong to the kind that will never eat fat physique, usually eat a lot of, is how all fat does not rise, this may be a lot of women are envious of things, but to the time of pregnancy may have to worry about. With my mother has been to ridicule my words, others will say that she does not give me to eat delicious, how to always be like eating, malnourished children. No way ah, that is not fat, eat a lot, but also eat well, ah, the genetic gene is still very powerful ah.

I am 1.63 meters tall, has been between 78 to 80 pounds before pregnancy, it should be said that since the beginning of high school I have been maintained between the weight, the most fat when there is no more than 85 pounds. There will always be a worry, if you really have a baby, this will not lead to the baby's weight malnutrition? There was no answer at that time.

The first time I went to the hospital to check, the doctor was worried about my nutrition, the midwives also recommended me to do a nutritional counseling, I want to help me to build a suitable for my nutrition plan. But in the end I did not go, I think there is no need, I know myself, this is a personal physical problem, he usually pay more attention to nutrition is good, no need to do what nutrition program.

When the hospital cards have been pregnant 20 weeks, when the weight is 87 pounds, eight or nine pounds heavier than before pregnancy. This time the doctor did not recommend to give me nutrition counseling, weight also has a steady growth, the inspection also found that too much of the problem. 17 weeks ago, also did a B ultrasound, the top of the gestational week and my last menstrual period is just in agreement, the baby is not too large or too small, they are not so worried about the.

Later, when the weight is about 95 kg, there is a long period of time is not a change in body weight, this time there are still some fear that the baby is not a long. 32 weeks of examination and color Doppler ultrasound, weight finally broke through the 100 pounds to 101 pounds, the doctor saw the color Doppler results, the size of the baby is normal. Now basically in 101 pounds, and more than 6 weeks, the baby was born, do not know what the latter will be like.

Our baby is still very good absorption, I am now a weight of about 20 pounds, basically a long on the baby. A lot of my colleagues have said that I have not changed, only a lot of belly, there is no longer a little fat. Every time to a different customer side, they often have to see my stomach to know that I was pregnant, in the back simply can not see that I was a pregnant woman.

So, people are not necessarily thin will affect the healthy development of the baby. And before pregnancy, a little thin, pregnancy will not have so much worry, worry that they are too fat, to control the diet and the like, I would not have control over the whole pregnancy, like how to eat on how to eat. And even if I am fat, I do not have to worry about, I have always been easy to lean is not easy fat physique, to long meat is difficult to die, thin, then one day on the thin down. Ha ha, this sentence is really very attractive, but it is true.