Postpartum great aunt when to come? You must know a few things

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Postpartum great aunt when to come? You must know a few things

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Every month, a man called aunt elder, all the way to visit every female friend. Pregnant in October, finally unloading, without a good day my aunt also served as the surging river rushing to. This is not new, Dayao has prepared a variety of delicacy, drinks, desserts, ready to open the door of my aunt to return...... However, left, right, I hope to look forward to, half a year later, still do not see the shadow of the great aunt, which can couple of Dayao anxious... (great aunt comes, we are very anxious, big aunt does not come, we more worry!)

Postpartum new mothers, some big aunt 2 months appear the; some later, half back; there are some, such as Yao, aunt unprovoked disappeared!? Do not know is not enough to play the need to continue a holiday, or by which the uncle turned to run? More new mothers, Leng is a called "lochia" to cheat, delicious good drink of, the result is a fake aunt! (Lake evil, the baby is too simple ~)

With progress on the "post natal aunt" this mysterious case, and professional department of gynaecology and obstetrics"MillenniumoldPolice "--October bacteriaHow to break?

1 postpartum how long restore menstruation?

No breastfeeding mothers:Generally within 6-10 weeks postpartum menstruation will be able to restore the tide, but there are a few people in the postpartum 4 months after the resumption of menstruation.

Menstruation compound tide time have great changes, may at any time in the postnatal 2-18 months recovery, with an average of 6 to 8 months, even some new mothers during the breastfeeding period menstruation has not cramps.

October bacteria remind you mother (the husband also listen): if postpartum menstruation does not come tardy, therefore in contraception relax vigilance, that menstruation did not come, the sex life, there is no need to contraception. That would be a big mistake. In fact, before the resumption of menstruation, menstruation has been restored ovulation function, not contraception is likely to soon pregnant again oh ~

2 postpartum irregular menstruation?

Great aunt is also an emotional female paper, because a lot of mother even after the re tide, naughty aunt may also choose to disappear in the middle of a month to patronize. For breastfeeding mothers, in the baby a year before the occurrence of irregular menstruation are within the normal range, not abnormal. So, mothers do not have to worry about, just need to wait quietly Oh ~

What is the difference between the 3 menstrual resurgence of lochia?

The characteristics of lochia:Postpartum week, lochia more blood, so lochia will have red or dark red blood clot, slightly fishy smell, known as bloody lochia. After lochia color will slowly fades and brown, called pulp liquid lochia. Serous lochia usually lasts about 10 days, lochia gradually into white or yellowish white, like leucorrhea, known as the white of lochia. Normal lochia has the smell of blood, but no smell, lasts 4-6 weeks, the total amount of 250-500ml.

Menstruation characteristics:Lochia gradually transformed into white lochia later, there is no reason to become hemorrhage, like past menstrual quantity or volume than the past slightly more, but no other discomfort, it is likely is menstruation the. Generally most of the mother of the first postpartum menstruation than pre menstrual quantity is little more. Within a week will clean, do not need special treatment.

Now that the case was successfully solved

Next held a press conference in October.

What questions do you have

Take the chance.

Fungus Milo, aunt came can continue breastfeeding? She said no milk nutrition, is it true?

October bacteria: Oh, NO! This argument is not scientific. Under normal circumstances, 11 days to 4 months postpartum breast milk quality lever. After menstruation, milk fat concentration than usual, reduced protein increased, the milk to the baby no harm. In order to avoid the change of concentration and composition of the milk, you in the menstrual period to drink plenty of water, eat some fish, milk, poultry meat and soup and the like. 4 months postpartum menstrual cramps also need not weaned, the amount of milk is not enough, you can add milk and rice paste to the baby food supplement. As to 8 months postpartum menstrual cramps, can give baby weaning, daily feeding reduced the number of increase in food consumption.

Pro resistance bacteria drops, is how long will come to menstruation after abortion menstrual volume? How? What should the doctor?

Most of the mini 4-6 weeks after menstruation will come. Generally speaking, pregnant weeks Shuyu, ovarian by inhibition is more long, menstrual recovery time will be delayed, but these have individual differences. As for the first time the amount of menstruation may be normal, it may be more. Say a mean well) if lochia disappear very quickly, but felt stomach pain, may is because lochia flow not to come out, or is a sudden massive hemorrhage, immediately "on the fly" went to see the doctor.

My aunt is so capricious, really difficult, bacteria Milo teach us. Postpartum great aunt, how to regulate it?

1, firmly refused to spicy. New mothers with heavy taste food said "no" too spicy too salty food shall not eat, the body stimulated too big, big aunt but would freak out.

Eat a little more than 2, luffa. Loofah sweet natured, taste fresh, and the effect of meridian line, blood, cooling blood detoxification. Not only delicious, but also make great aunt happy, determined to eat.

3, to maintain a good mood. The mood has a direct impact on the big aunt work process. This is because new mother's menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, regulation of the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis and the hypothalamus and contact with the central nervous system, accept external stimuli. Any part of these changes in the process will affect the ovarian function and the occurrence of menstrual disorders.

4, appropriate exercise is more healthy. The new mother can choose to do some aerobic exercise, such as: gentle stretching, including meditation yoga, the primary form of gymnastics, jogging, or simple stretching movements. My aunt likes it.

Regulating menstruation. Exercise can regulate the excitability and inhibition process of the cerebral cortex, improve the body's function, the menstrual cycle is beneficial to the smooth.

Improve blood supply. Exercise can promote blood circulation, improve the blood supply of pelvic genital organs.

Help the blood. Movement for abdominal, pelvic muscle alternating contraction and relaxation function, gently massage the uterus, have against the blood drain out.

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