Women with abnormal fetus was abandoned by her husband to bring up their children alone

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Women with abnormal fetus was abandoned by her husband to bring up their children alone

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Shanghai Shenjiang hospital famous orthopaedics expert Ming Jun Cao surgeon to "climb" the eighteen years of song Xiaolong orthopedic surgery for the treatment of the first stage. Before the day, Shanghai Shenjiang Hospital, a rare malformation of the boy Song Xiaolong Zhengzhou. Since he was born, he has been relying on his hands and knees to crawl, 8 year old began carrying a bag and the same age as children to school, now studying in primary school six. Department of orthopedics, Shanghai Shenjiang Hospital, experts have made the first stage of orthopedic surgery for him, three months later, Song Xiaolong is expected to walk upright.

According to Zheng Xiaolong's mother said: "Xiao dragon down, the body is straight, just the umbilical cord and the two legs entangle very tight, how breaking also snapping away. A rural female doctor, she took a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord, the child's legs to separate. With Xiao Long grew up, bent, legs stretched straight. First pregnancy production inspection, they found the child in question, the child's father repeatedly to persuade me to remove the child, I always not willing, after all, is his own flesh and blood, then the father to see how also can't persuade me, walked out on us. The child was born, I was a man to pull him up.

Zheng Xiaolong school age, many elementary schools see he is a disabled, are reluctant to accept him, Lin Fang Yang run near several schools, to the Zhengzhou City workers Village Primary School, a more than 50 year old headmistress to understand song Xiaolong, said the "Shencanzhijian" four words, and agreed to accept song Xiaolong study in this school. Since then, the campus there is a scooter boy. He crawl in the school on the road regardless of the weather.

Song Xiaolong is a former chicken humpback, not to walk upright, only to climb the boy, but his grades in school is medium level.

Shenjiang hospital directors will leadership from the media see song Xiaolong Shencanzhijian deeds, very sympathetic to his misfortune, sent business Dean Zhang Yikang and well-known orthopedic specialist Ming Jun Cao flew to Zhengzhou, the song Xiaolong home, free of charge for his treatment illness, and with the assistance of the local hospital, shooting the CT and X-ray diagnosis of congenital scoliosis kyphosis and double lower limbs congenital arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Although the condition is more complex, but it is not impossible to. After diagnosis, he decided to perform staged orthopedic surgery, improve the function of lower limbs stand.

Song Xiaolong, accompanied by his mother, was admitted to the Department of orthopedics of the hospital ward shenjiang. After admission, the hospital was established by the dean Zhu Fengfan, led by an expert treatment team, hospital leaders take into account the special economic difficulties in Song Xiaolong's home, decided to remove all his surgical fees, medical expenses. This afternoon, by the famous orthopaedics expert Ming Jun Cao surgeon, "climb" the eighteen years of song Xiaolong under general anesthesia, orthopedic surgery for the treatment of the first stage. Three months later, Song Xiaolong is expected to walk upright.

Foetal deformities due to which it? Is the unfavorable factors which led to the incidence of fetal abnormalities? Above us as we introduced lead to fetal malformation of the common factors, in order to gave birth to a healthy life, hope female friends do prepare pregnant work. At the same time to prenatal care. Following up to look at it!

1, the impact of noise

Such as life is full of noise, the locomotive roar of voices will be on fetal cause harmful effects, suddenly a loud noise could make mothers receive shock, lead to physical, mental and physical changes, uterine contraction, heart not neat, this will the fetus is not good, even hearing development will also affect. Some media reports have studied, in the vicinity of the airport in the population, the rate of neonatal malformations increased from 0.8% to 1.2%, mainly belong to spinal deformity and brain malformations.

2, alcohol and tobacco

There are a small number of prospective mothers have a history of smoking before pregnancy, excessive alcohol and cigarettes have a great impact on fetal development. Because alcohol and cigarettes contain chemical substances, such as cigarette nicotine may cause fetal growth retardation. Nerve anomaly. Birth weight. Premature birth danger.

3, the effect of drugs

Expectant mothers during pregnancy, it is inevitable decline in resistance, fever and other symptoms of a cold. Inappropriate use of drugs and inappropriate medication will also have an impact on the fetus, serious errors in medication can cause fetal abnormalities, and even death, etc..

4, maternal health effects

Have a healthy mother to give birth to a healthy baby, if the mother is not healthy, such as suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, AIDS, etc., may cause fetal abnormalities, and even the risk of death. If the mother has no history of disease, but if there is no good living habits, such as staying up late, extreme exercise, excessive fatigue, etc., can also cause the fetus is not healthy development.

5, radiation and radiation effects

Expectant mothers often like to see the bad habits of mobile phones to play computer, do not know the radiation of the phone and the computer will have an impact on the fetus. Improper radiation exposure, such as receiving X light examination, computer tomography, and so on, will occur in the fetus abortion.

Pregnant mother must pay attention to the above five items, do not let the fetal harm, after all, not easy pregnancy in October! Regular pregnancy testing is essential, so as to master the baby's development.