Confinement, if you have done these things to help her son, she is for you.

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Confinement, if you have done these things to help her son, she is for you.

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October is a period of birth, the birth of the baby after the long march has just begun. Gynecologist said, during postpartum confinement without taking good care of your body, may cause life will fall. After the birth of the baby, the mother if you do these things, that she is really good for you.

1 baby after birth, her mother brought from home, soil chicken egg

Just 2 "discharge", mother-in-law BianZhaoFa do all kinds of soup every day

3 clothes are her to wash, but also pure hand wash

4 take the initiative to help cleaning mother postpartum lochia

5 don't let you play too many mobile phone computer, worry about radiation to the body is not good

6 during the night, her mother took the baby to sleep with her.

SevenGive birth to a child, the pain of the whole body uncomfortable, my mother to help me massage

EightMother to the baby to do a lot of new clothes, diaper note

NineGo to the market to buy leaves, tree head, safflower etc. to you boil the bath water

TenAfraid of your postpartum mood is not good, often give you talk about the home in the joke

Say ten years to see the woman ten years see daughter-in-law, perhaps her tone is not so gentle, even a bit bossy; perhaps her movements are not so soft, and even rude, but you have to understand that these rules are for your responsible and heartfelt love. Your mother-in-law during confinement for you do this? Come and share with you!

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