Don't blame my mother for a bad temper. I'm just tired! When it comes to the hearts of the woman

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Don't blame my mother for a bad temper. I'm just tired! When it comes to the hearts of the woman

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Not before marriage, you still a good temper don't don't gentle woman; after the birth of a child, her husband said you bad temper, children blame your bad temper. Well, everyone says that, you almost believe it yourself!

In fact, I really can not blame the mother bad temper, for the mother to say a word: we are just too tired! Not only the body tired, the heart is more tired. Most of the time is not difficult to please, it is mentally and physically exhausted.

1Do a diligent mother, very tired!

China's traditional concept is "the male Lord outside, female Lord inside". Although some mothers have to work, but the burden of household chores and child care or logical to women. The men pushed back the baby stroller, or know how to change the baby's dirty diapers, will get a lot of praise. While women are often internal and external balance, both physically and mentally tired. If parents help children better, if the couple alone with the kids, just not life.

23:00 can finally wash your hair and take a bath.

00:00 lying in bed about what to eat in the morning?<1Two3>


Be a responsible mother, the heart is more tired!When the mother, from time to time by the bombing of the bombing, the nervous tension. "The child was hit by a car!" "Who is who children in the car suffocated!" "The boy who had the child fell down from the floor!"......

Buy a milk powder from a foreign country, for fear of eating fake milk powder;

Go out to hold the child's hand tightly, for fear of being robbed of the bad guys;

A vaccine to be asked to ask the East West, for fear of vaccination of the vaccine;

The scissors knife all good collection, tables and chairs are fitted with rubber sleeve;

Balcony also installed protective fence, for fear of a case;

On the class did not forget to call the kindergarten teacher: the child is hot, then trouble you to take off the clothes;

If the person is male or male kindergarten teacher's words, the heart always feel like a bomb......<12Three>


Do not have a private life of the mother, too tired!Many women have such a feeling: when the mother did not self, became a satellite only around the child to turn.

Bestie about you go shopping? No way! 2 hours to feed the baby milk.

Company colleagues singing? No way! This week the mother group has a family gathering.

Want to stay at home to quiet the books? No way! You put your hand on the baby on the trouble.

Want to go out to travel to put a place? Or don't dream anymore! Estimated back home is full of instant noodles barrel.


Do a "fight kid" mother, really tired!Although mothers are aware of love comparisons is special pieces of bad things, but hear neighbors said their children Zha Zha of, the in the mind could not help but not.

Colleagues to show off with you, his children can sing and dance at the age of three, speak fluent English, you can not envy?

Friends with you to show off her child, every year is a three good student, you can not move?

Even the same age, Xiao Ming, now looks more than your child a head, you can not worry?

So, a time, a variety of specialty classes, cram schools, nutrition in Dabu Decoction...... For fear that children lose at the starting line.


From time to time by the moral kidnapping, tired and tiredRegardless of is the textbook or the media, especially some of the family of television, still take what "industrious guileless is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is also the mother of excellent quality." , "women don't eat not to drink to save money to send their children to school", "my mom is sick must give me cook when" positive examples "to educate their children. The results make all Chinese mothers are convinced: when the mother to work from dawn to night, tired like a cow, otherwise not great!

Children also believe that no doubt: mother should pay, or you just don't love me!

Husband also has an excuse: women are so hard, how you a person every day to complain.

Western mother often said to the child is that you want to be responsible for your behavior, a lot of things are to let the children go to do their own.

And Chinese mother never give priority to any priority to think of yourself, and any fault is the first self blame!Because breast milk time is not long enough, the mother guilty; because the work is busy can not accompany the child, mother guilty; occasionally angry, my mother guilty.Chinese mother is absolutely the world's most hard mother, so you say, mothers can not tired? So tired feel good? Can't you lose your temper?

Bubble mother languageMom: in fact, you are so tired, because your own time is too little, all the energy on the child, bear the unlimited responsibility. Want to relax a little, it should set the role:

Mother is not a full-time nanny, but the family manager, the family is the responsibility of every family member, everyone can not shirk!