Want to have twins? Scientific methods to help you succeed!

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Want to have twins? Scientific methods to help you succeed!

2016-07-21 13:33:08 397 ℃

Since ancient times, China is hoping to happiness, sons and daughters, but this is not to control human, then how can one fell swoop to complete the sons and daughters? In fact, very simple, following with a small make up to see it!

First try to understand the formation of twins

The twins are divided into two types:

1, identical twins

With twin refers to an egg with a sperm are combined into a fertilized egg, in a split in the process of developing into two fetuses, the splitting of the twins with the same trait. Therefore, gender and appearance may not similar.

2, fraternal twins

Maternal generally a month will only produce an egg, but a few cases may there will be multiple, the when the sperm into the uterine cervix mouth may form two fertilized eggs, fetal after birth may different appearance also may be of different sex.

How to scientific birth twins?

1, taking folic acid

According to U.S. researchers reported, in 3008 patients taking folic acid pregnant mother, the child born for every 100 twins accounted for 4.5, and not taking folic acid pregnant mother, twins only to the proportion of 0.08, experts said possible folic acid supplementation increases ovulation times, so that a plurality of eggs into the uterus.

2, eat sweet potatoes

A country in Africa, there is a tribal women child likes to eat sweet potato, where they are twins born in the proportion of 2:3, sweet potato is a female hormone like substances, gave birth to twins have great help.

3, December birth

According to the Polish Academy said that each of the women in December is the most fertile time, the conception of this paragraph of time, fertility twins and twin probability is the highest.

Twins really is a gift of God, may not be for the event, but cannot importune, after all, now this society can have a healthy baby is good. Hkdna111 more attention to the health of children, pregnant mother, the necessary knowledge, updated every day ~