The world of the fetus is so wonderful that you don't know

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The world of the fetus is so wonderful that you don't know

2016-11-25 00:43:27 572 ℃

The fetal small world there are always those who we don't know but also curious to know the things that you are not in idle or night can't sleep always fantasy baby in the belly are doing what I think is, will not can't help laughter, explore the fetal world is a happy thing.

Xiaobian before share with you some of the fetal magical world, but is not very complete, now we continue to understand the fetal those wonderful move, satisfy your curiosity, but also makes you more excited.

1 know how to distinguish day and night

According to the scientists, the fetus in the womb to 34 weeks long, we can judge it is night and day, and the fetus is light as a 24 hour clock " " basis. If the mother love to stay up late, so the fetus will also be a night owl.

2 will be free to play

With the pregnancy of increasingly long time, the fetus will have perception on many things, when sunlight into the mother's belly, the fetus will turn, kick, or playing the umbilical cord, it is a toy he love the most.

3 will be sensitive to light

4 months pregnant, the fetus is very sensitive to light. So many people would advocate the adoption of light to the fetus for visual training, which is also a certain benefit to the fetus.

4 yawn

The fetus also yawn, experts found that the frequency of the fetus yawning about 6 times per hour, and the higher the frequency of the fetus. Although the reason for yawning is not quite clear, but the researchers believe that the jaw movement due to yawning will help the development of fetal brain.

5.TA will dream

Don't be surprised by the fact that the fetus is dreaming when it is waiting to be born. It may not be the actual content of the dream or it is very vague, but TA really will have a dream. The scientists used the EEG recording means that the fetus in the womb during sleep will have REM sleep, so the fetus dream is evidence of rapid eye.

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6 suck your fingers

Fetus in about 20 weeks, can be very good at sucking their fingers. Sucking fingers is a kind of instinct of the fetus, not only for his first meal ready (neonatal exposure to the nipple immediately know how to suck, suck the reaction is the most important one of the survival skills, but also help the baby he found the body of interesting things, such as skin feeling and thumb size etc.. The behavior of the fetus sucking the thumb in the womb is also the beginning of the exploration of the world.

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7 will touch your face

When the mother is very worried about the emotional impact of the fetus, this time the baby will feel the pressure and anxiety, the reaction is to make a small hand feeling his face. So mothers try to maintain good mood and mood Oh, or the fetus will be affected.

8 perception of birth

Before birth, the fetus hands will fold together, like knock, seems to be ready to go out, to come to a new world.

Fetus in the mother of the ten months, not only healthy growth, but also to learn more skills and abilities, so do not underestimate these ten months. The world is full of fetal numerous unknown, also filled with countless surprises and fun, every pregnant mother can be hard to feel, to observe, maybe you will find more exciting things to make you happy, recorded, this will be a wonderful memory in my life.