6 months of nubao for 10 consecutive days of high fever of 40 degrees, is actually because grandma reluctant to change diapers

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6 months of nubao for 10 consecutive days of high fever of 40 degrees, is actually because grandma reluctant to change diapers

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Summer to give the baby use diapers but a big problem, the delicate skin of children, and love is apt to sweat, one not careful will rash, eczema, the mother may have extra attention. This is not a baby in the hospital for 6 months has a fever for ten days, after the examination was diapers to blame.

1 months ago, Ms. Feng's husband is afraid of Feng himself a person to take care of the baby, their work is busy, so he took the mother in the rural home to pick up.

But half a month later. The baby appeared fever, at the beginning of the family feel cold, is in the home by some physical cooling method, but three days later still not effective, to a nearby clinic looked at the, the doctor opened the week of the drug.

After taking the medicine Andy's condition has not improved, temperature has been at about 40 degrees, mom quickly took the baby to the hospital for an examination to the. Doctor detailed asked daily care of the baby, and the blood routine, urine routine, such as a series of tests. The results show the baby because of urinary tract infection caused by persistent high fever.

Original in the grandmother to take care of the baby when half of the day is always to change a diaper. The results of the child's ass appeared a lot of prickly heat rash, her mother had always suspected he bought diapers, always for the brand to buy.

The doctor said the long-term improper use of diapers is an important cause of urinary tract infections. So what about diapers?

OneTo choose a healthy and comfortable diaper

The standard is to pick the diapersSoft, elastic, dry, has antibacterial effect.

Mother at the time of purchase should first touch touch waist stick the particle is soft and delicate, this place is the most easy to scratch the skin; secondly, the waist should be flexible, can let the baby to move freely, too crowded or too loose will damage your baby's skin.

Again, the best diapers should have good water absorbency and water lock, to buy time to pay attention to see on the top of the "sliding seepage quantity index, to ensure that the baby's buttocks to dry. Finally, antibacterial effect is also very important, quality diapers in the surface will have certain skin care ingredients, such as aloe vera, so as to achieve inhibition of bacteria.

TwoDiapers should be changed frequently

Especially in the summer, the frequency of replacement of diapers can be increased, about 2-3 hours to replace a good.

ThreeTo keep your baby dry ass

Mother to constantly observe the baby's ass, to see if a red rash, usually have to wait for the baby's buttocks is completely dry after changing diapers.

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