How many scientific methods do you know about the life of a boy?

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How many scientific methods do you know about the life of a boy?

2016-07-21 13:46:49 348 ℃

Born a boy is a lot of children's parents dream of things, but in this society, the advocacy of gender equality, or there will be a part of the parents of a child with a single clock. Daughter more intimate, cute cute appearance is the heart of the prospective parents. So what should we do to give birth to a daughter? Want daughters need to follow the eating habits of girls, but also master the timing of the birth of a daughter, and can develop a set of the greatest probability of having a daughter's scientific method. Today, I came to talk with you about the scientific way to give birth to her daughter.

A scientific method for the birth of a daughter

Caring daughter, parents of small cotton padded jacket, in this no longer patriarchal era, many people prefer to give birth to a daughter, the probability of male or female students are the same, how's it going? To give birth to girls do? If you want to give birth to a girl, please look at the scientific method that I have sorted out the girl, and I hope to be helpful to you.

Method 1 diet by acid regulation

We all know that the words of a boy, the diet should be as far as possible by the alkaline, if you want to have a girl, then often rely on the acid side to. So want to give birth to the girl, the expectant mother can eat loach, beef, pork, chicken, oranges, strawberries, grapes, and so on acidic foods, let the acidic physique. While the boy is on the contrary, can eat milk, tea, kelp, seaweed, vitamin D and other basic foods. As a result, the chances of having a girl are likely to improve.

Method 2 vaginal presentation acid

Want to have a boy is to make the vagina appear alkaline, then the girl is naturally acidic. Because X, Y sperm in the pH value in different environments, swimming speed is not the same, X sperm in an acidic environment is more active. Therefore, if we want to her daughter's husband and students can use the above characteristics, row before intercourse, the woman with a small amount and clean warm water dilute acetic acid, rinse the woman's vagina, make the vagina acidic environment to appear, thus improve the probability of girl students.

Method.3 as far as possible to avoid the climax

Climax here is for women, if want to give birth to the girl's husband and wife, sexual intercourse that knowledgeable woman to sophisticated avoid climax, because alkaline reach a climax, will enhance the vagina, which is not conducive to X sperm activity growth. At the same time, want to give birth to a girl of husband and wife, sexual behavior should be more frequent, the number of sexual behavior should be more, you can reduce the number of sperm Y, but also to the appropriate line. In addition, want to give birth to a girl's husband and wife, should be three days before ovulation day stop sexual behavior.