Born male characteristics, I have no pressure!

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Born male characteristics, I have no pressure!

2016-07-21 13:51:03 380 ℃

Early pregnancy: pantothenic acid in the mouth, what to eat are acid, and could not smell the smoke smell, no smell smell nausea, what three month before can't eat, a reference to eat immediately to nausea, threatened abortion, on the bed lay for three months.First time B ultrasound examination of gestational sac growth, like eggplant, uterine anterior wall.The skin becomes dark, the body becomes thick black hair, face, neck, chest, stomach, back all the acne.

The second trimester: only vegetarian, just to catch up with the summer, each after the nap heart like to eat the a lot of salt as, snore uncomfortable.

This time can slowly eat rice, just in his maiden, mother's food in my stomach more acceptable, but every morning I wake up in the morning or spit jaundice, period also fell a tumble legs purple half a month.Like to eat grapes, oranges, like to eat sour. The more acid the more like,Like to eat spicy, no spicy not happy. Because this my mother-in-law always says me, baby is born and how to do?

Late pregnancy: still in the early stages of pregnancy and the same and brush my teeth every morning will feel sick, but began slowly to eat meal, every night and her husband left a few miles is for the good of the birth.Like to eat beef, almost every day to eat, because the anemia in her mother often give me fried beef liver, beef stew soup, probably some treasure mama said, why are the cattle body? The answer is, we are a minority.There is no way to turn over to sleep every night, aching bones and especially hip, running every day N toilet.

Fetal movement, fetal movement about when 4 months since, late fetal movement is punched and kicked, sometimes the baby kicked up.

Navel: navel is prominent, and navel black.

The breast: no obvious change, the left nipple than the right side of the black.

Pregnancy line: the belly button below and black and thick, partial left, thin on the navel, has been extended to the breast below.

Edema: the body does not have a local swelling, the time of birth can also run up, the body is particularly lightweight.

Abdomen: stomach is too big, not general, put a map you see next to know.Is not a big belly, but even so big, I still can run to jump, no pressure.