4 year old girl had a high fever due to difficult breathing, this a few dollars gadgets, many babies still use!

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4 year old girl had a high fever due to difficult breathing, this a few dollars gadgets, many babies still use!

2016-12-04 07:15:17 394 ℃

The Xun Ying

No matter in the busy night market or near the kindergarten, there is a bright color of small things particularly favored by parents, who asked it to make children like it, moreover, it is so cheap, a few dollars a piece of money! Most parents thought, anyway, eat badly, so baby, is to buy buy buy. But in fact, it is not such a thing, a tragedy occurred in recent days, in fact evidence:This wave is really big!

This gadget is mud.

In the choice of baby toys in the mud, the price close to the people, and helps babies learn, explore and develop creative thinking ability, therefore, has been the object is to encourage children to play. However, the recent news leaked, a 4 year old girl playing the mud. He was playing out of trouble!

The 4 year old dream introverted, in the kindergarten, my mother worried about her not gregarious, no kids to play together, and I went to the night market to buy two boxes of mud for her, a mud, a jelly gel, the price is quite affordable, spent a total of only ten dollars.

A few days later, my mother found her daughter playing with mud, out of the hands of some red dots, see the dream. No other abnormalities, busy housework she did not intervene in the. Who knows the second day the mother received a phone kindergarten teacher, said her daughter sudden high fever, dyspnea, livid, had been sent to hospital! Listen to mother was scared silly, hurriedly catch the past, this dream has been through a dangerous period, in the infusion. When my mother asked the doctor after that, the original dream is due to the boron and heavy metal poisoning caused by pulmonary edema, it has led to a series of symptoms, the source of infection must be isolated. Mom listen to silly, brains can not think of how to be infected?

After a series of memories, investigation, eventually found a hurt dream "murderer", originally is the night market to buy two boxes of mud to blame! Detection found that the boron elements and copper, preservatives are seriously overweight, to catch up with the dream of a dream is a sensitive body, only a little attention to the poison. Fortunately, found in a timely manner, there is no danger to life.

In fact, in recent years, such cases are not less. Just the vast majority of parents, found that the child palm of the red, a small knot allergies can cause attention, heart health alert.

Then, the baby is able to pinch the mud? Mud poisoning is how it goes?

Statistics show that in 2016 the product risk monitoring mud quality report shows that in the random access of the 100 batches of samples, a total of more than and 60 batches of unqualified, the main problem is the existence of some products can migration of boron and copper preservatives, exceed the standard. So that the mud on sensitization, baby long-term contacting or eating these products will be inferior to the health risks in huge potential!

In summary, the basic that babies can pinch the mud.However, parents in the purchase of mud for children, to avoid buying "toxic" mud, must pay attention to the following points:

From the "three product"

The first step, of course is to look at the product packaging is complete, whether the label name, manufacturer's name and address, the implementation of standards, production date, shelf life and so on, the lack of any one of the three products are! Resolutely refuse to consider!

See material information

See material information, as far as possible to ensure that the edible. Ingredients must be to avoid the use of industrial pigments and chemicals, the choice of flour, edible pigment and other recognized materials, to ensure that the color is pure, non-toxic, in line with international safety standards.

Smell whether or not smell

The baby's sense of smell is fragile, in order to avoid the stimulation of the baby, for the baby to play the rubber mud, it should be a certain smell and elegant fragrance free odorless best. Buy the best time to open mud and clay products smell, such as a pungent smell and flavor is particularly strong, determined not to consider!

Look shelf life

Although some mud is the production of flour, but some toy manufacturers fear Yahuo, deliberately add a lot of preservatives, to prolong the shelf life! Therefore, the purchase of such toys, long shelf life of the product should also be decisive pass off!

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