The old woman cooking wine, forgot to turn off the fire fire daughter grandson 3 people were killed

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The old woman cooking wine, forgot to turn off the fire fire daughter grandson 3 people were killed

2016-07-20 22:11:41 624 ℃

In new network on July 20, according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported, Taichung City Wufeng residential area fire caused 3 dead, the surviving eight year old girls still struggle with death; prosecutors and police yesterday (19) phase test remains, analysis of death because of the high temperature smoke cause choking, allegedly as a of homeowners Hongxing woman the cooking careless daughters, grandchildren, grandson died, the prosecution listed Hongxing woman for wrongful death, public danger the defendant.

65 year old Hong Fu said yesterday, the day before yesterday (18 days) in the afternoon in the kitchen cooking, forgot to off the fire first to the living room on the first floor wiping divine table ready to worship, less than 5 minutes kitchen sprang out of the fire, she ran to the second floor called daughters, 3 sons flee, and take the quilt to a building fire, but the fire is too fierce simply not.

Prosecutors to the funeral home phase test remains, to clarify the cause of death, the preliminary analysis for fire, high-temperature smoke, leading to suffocation and families on the cause of death have no opinion, Hong Fu son-in-law of mother-in-law no blame meaning; prosecutors will flood the column to the defendant the death of public danger or blame.

Linxing girl yesterday in Zhongshan Medical University attached hospital intubation treatment, burn and scald limbs, buttocks, infusion over 5000cc, intracranial hemorrhage is not out of the woods yet, is expected to 1 week Houqing wounds and skin grafting.

Girls' father visit daughter, to her said: "hurry up and get better, take you to play, eat a big meal, and mother and brother", but dare not tell the death of his wife and children, cheat said "brother and mother are in another hospital treatment.

Lin Fu pointed out that he and his wife are at work, usually by the housing Changhua parents help their children, because summer vacation, his wife and children this month 15 days to Wufeng to mother-in-law home to live, is expected to yesterday by him in Changhua, have never thought unexpectedly when he heard the bad news.

Taichung City Fire Department Fire Investigation Bureau said that the fire department as a floor rear stamped kitchen, site is not set independent of the fire alarm and the balcony on the second floor accumulation debris, in addition to the injured from the second floor jumped to escape, and the remaining three bits on the second floor balcony room on the suspected smoke and high temperature entering the first time due to is choked dizzy.