The most accurate way to determine the birth of a male student? The truth is like this! Caution!

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The most accurate way to determine the birth of a male student? The truth is like this! Caution!

2016-07-21 13:51:09 384 ℃

Miss summer leave a message to me, she has been pregnant for 2 months. For the sake of the health of the baby, Miss Xia decided early pregnancy defend at home. Occasionally heard a neighbor aunt said, you can use alcohol to determine the baby's urine detection of men and women. For this way, she felt like a little truth, but not sure, so I would like to ask me why. Today, I give you the secret alcohol test urine to determine whether the baby is true.

The principle of the female students in the alcohol test

Use of pregnant women's urine and alcohol from the reaction to determine the acidity of the urine, so as to infer the birth of boys and girls. Easy to produce the flocculent material in combination with alcohol, ethyl alcohol, chemical formula C2H5OH, the "Oh" (organic hydroxy) and alkaline liquid, combined with acidic liquid is easy to produce precipitation.By in vivo hormone effect, determine the urine isBasic, descriptionPregnant man.

The practice of male female students

Morning urine and 95% medical alcohol, both in the proportion of 1:1 mixed in the cup (preferably a transparent cup, easy to observe), half of the half. After the urine and alcohol mixture, at least 3 hours before you can see the change, the longer the place, the more clear the results, the judgment will be more accurate.

The results predicted the birth of boys and girls

If the reaction is produced after the muddy water, there is no stratification precipitation, turbidity is said to be a girl. If there is a group of a cat filamentous suspended in the cup, or the upper and lower layers obviously, there are like white clouds as a group like white clouds also shake, suspended in the middle, into a group of a group, said the boy.

If you look at my description, after careful pregnancy mother should find a problem, that is, alcohol by testing urine acid base to determine the baby's men and women. Is a pseudo science. We all know that the baby to determine the factors of men and women, so that men's X or Y sperm. There is no acid and alkali to decide. During pregnancy, the acid-base properties of the male and female body may affect the binding of X or Y to the egg. But this is not the case after pregnancy.

Above is I give you reveal alcohol detection urine to determine the baby men and women to speak, there is no scientific basis, is a false proposition. Now there are many folk remedies and the test, you must be careful to distinguish the pregnant mother. If you have any questions, you can give me a message to WeChat.