4 year old boy was in the summer falls dead child safety alarm bells ringing

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4 year old boy was in the summer falls dead child safety alarm bells ringing

2016-07-20 22:11:41 625 ℃

17 afternoon, in Guangzhou Huangpu District fengle Lu Sha Yuzhang district court, a four year old boy from 23 storey fall dead. The incident child alone at home.

And to a year of summer, leave school children eager to wanton play, unable to escape from the work of parents is very ugly tube children, this let the child is in a state of "backyard", safety accident in children increases. Reporters learned that the investigation, falls, drowning and suffocation is accident prone children summer.

How to prevent the accidental injury of children. The event, who is the responsible for the fall of life? In this regard, Guangzhou has in 2014 issued regulations, a clear regulatory responsibility of the parents of children's safety. Legal experts also stressed that should abandon the traditional concept of "parents is also a victim. The custody of improper parents accountable, so as to avoid a repeat of the tragedy.

Summer children accident prone

17 PM, a 4 year old boy fell from the 23 storey home, when things happen, the child alone at home, there is no adult presence. One resident reflects that some people have seen the children want to climb out of the window to play, and immediately loudly stop, the child heard shouting after climbing back. However, the second children climb out of the window, and no one find and stop, so the child falls tragedy.

Although the event falls is the case, but summer child safety issues can not be ignored the refraction. Global children's safety survey shows that accidental injury has become the leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 14 years in China. Falls, drowning, traffic accidents, stranded car is a common type of summer children accident.

Guangzhou network developed, the river more, especially in the suburban area, dense streams. The summer hot weather, many children love to go to the pond, the river water play wild swimming. According to the southern Legal Daily "reported this year as of July 1, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Joint Logistics Command Center has received a report of 10 cases of drowning accident alarm, causing 12 people died. Among them, 5 July, six children to Panyu District South Town Garden Music Garden Hotel behind the artificial lake catch fish play two people from drowning death; June 9, a student in Conghua District Liang Kou Zhen reservoir swimming drowned.

In addition, traffic accidents involving children in the summer is also a lot. According to the "Guangzhou daily" reported that in 2014 6, 7 February, the city of Shenzhen children's hospital were injured in car accidents were achieved in 68 cases.

In recent years, the children in the summer in the car due to high temperature suffocation caused by the death of the case is not uncommon. August 2014, Jinjiang, Fujian 2 year old girl asleep in the back seat is forgotten by adults, second days were found dead. June 2015, Hunan Xiangtan Jiuhua for his careless father the son lock in the car to talk about business, eventually leading to under 4 year old son died.

To protect the safety of children to parents

Guangzhou public opinion research center in August 2015 to carry out the Guangzhou public opinion on the neglect of children's opinion poll, telephone random access to 1000 people in Guangzhou. 36% of respondents believe that in recent years due to the negligence of parents to take care of the child casualties phenomenon "". And for the issue of whether to neglect the responsibility of parents to take care of children, 76% of the public believe that should be held responsible for the legal responsibility of parents, the opposite position only 9%.

In fact, in 2014 the introduction of the provisions of the protection of minors in Guangzhou, has been set up an independent chapter of the family protection of minors, the parents clearly defined responsibilities. Regulations pointed out that parents shall not be less than sixteen years of age minors alone in an easy to electric shock, drowning, falling and other places.

However, commission of Guangzhou Municipality on the protection of minors, said this provision difficult to perform, and regulations play a role only in the negligence of parents did not lead to the accident, by the police for parents reprimand.

Guangzhou law, deputy director of the professional committee, the legal system of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the NLD, director of the Committee Zheng Ziyin is to the reporter stressed the investigated the importance of parental responsibility. He admitted that at present because of the guardian of the neglect of care cause of child deaths cases in all parts of the country are frequent, but few of the guardian held the criminal responsibility. The reason is that the traditional idea that child is the family, and that the tragedy parents is also a victim, accountable emotionally inhuman.

However, Zheng Ziyin explained that in the law, the right of the child should be protected by law, even if the person is a parent, it should be responsible for the law. "For the custodial parent improper behavior, if not held the corresponding criminal responsibility, will only let more parents more indolent in exercising the responsibility of guardianship and neglect children died as a result of the tragedy will be repeated."