Baby hair and less yellow how to do?

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Baby hair and less yellow how to do?

2016-07-20 22:12:06 608 ℃

Mom and dad to see the baby's hair is dense, black and shiny, and their own baby hair and less yellow, a bit worried about the heart. Nanjing Maternity and Child Care Center medical expert Huang Xinxin pointed out that the newborn hair need not worry.

A hair more obvious genetic predisposition, there are individual differences, the amount of hair, color, the merits and the genetic parents have a certain relationship. If parents have good hair, then the child's hair is better, poor parents, the child's hair is poor.

On the other hand, the number of hair and hair at birth has nothing to do with the future of hair. Baby hair growth and body long high, as early as late, there are fast and slow. Most of the children with his physical development process, will gradually from dilute to close, from yellow to black. A large number of facts show that the small hair of the baby to 1-2 years old, the hair and other children have no two.

Some parents do not give their children a shampoo, because they are worried that the child will only wash the hair. Actually off the shampoo are aging, hair, do not wash out will be; on the contrary, long-term do not shampoo, grease and sweat stimulation will cause secondary infection, but the impact of new hair growth. Individual parents back to the baby's scalp rub ginger, want to increase the blood circulation around the hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

There is no scientific basis for such an approach. Give the baby up for adoption to shave their heads to achieve more than the growth of hair is very dangerous, because when the razor shave baby's hair and many pores will be subjected to damage our eyes can not see, and on the razor is not clean or dirty skin, head, bacteria which took the opportunity to get into, resulting in local small abscess or purulent skin infections.

Of course, there is also the baby's hair is less related to the disease. Some rare elements such as rickets, lack of genetic metabolic diseases and excess, the children are showed sparse hair. If the child is still no significant improvement in the hair around 1 years old, can go to the hospital to do trace elements and other related checks. And pay attention to adjust the diet structure and strengthen the physical exercise.