13 year old girl because the final exam is not ideal with 6 yuan of money away

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13 year old girl because the final exam is not ideal with 6 yuan of money away

2016-07-20 22:13:33 649 ℃

Tongchuan a 13 year old girl is not ideal because the final grade ran away from home, after the police up to 5 hours of persuasion, eventually girl sent home. "There is a girl to the roadside, a man squatting for several hours, every day, you come and see." On the afternoon of June 25, Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau Wangyi Huang Bao police received alarm call, a girl hands surrounded by his legs crouched in the corner...

Police rushed to the scene to see, a little girl squatting in the corner, clutching the hands of 6 dollars, a person with a low head, do not speak, do not want to go home. In the face of the police asked also do not want to exchange. According to police Li Lei said, from 8 points to 10 points in the evening to points before the girl persuaded back to the police station, but she has been lying on the bench on the bench, unwilling to communicate with the police.

It is understood, little girl surnamed Gao, 13 years old this year, Wangyi District Huang Bao is a second year student, parents working outside, ferial and grandmother living together. That night about 12, the girl finally agreed to send their home to the police. Worry about not let Grandma, the police had to change clothes, to the identity of the well intentioned people to send home.

After the police and a grandmother learned to talk, the girl from childhood parents divorced, learning achievement general, should accompany the children's father has traveled to Tibet to work, only zusun Liang depended on each other.

"I give the child's care and education too little, coupled with a small bit of a rebel, originally learning achievement general, she the one due to the final exam is not ideal, the idea of dropping out of school to work, then quietly took the save their 6 yuan money away from home." Grandma heartache said, blame themselves do not take good care of children.

Li Lei said, because of a high grandmother older, the children's education or less. In addition to the junior high school children's basic to adolescence, already have the concept of self, in the absence of family, more likely to produce eccentric, autistic character. "For the high of this kind of left behind children, from the school, family, should be given more concern and warmth."

At present, the police have been linked to high of a father, the counsel of the child in his father's side of life, so that children grow up healthy in only the father. (Hou Jian)