Full implementation of two children by 35% in the first half of Guangdong Meizhou Jianka pregnant women an

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Full implementation of two children by 35% in the first half of Guangdong Meizhou Jianka pregnant women an

2016-07-20 22:13:51 611 ℃

Early this year, the official implementation of the two child policy, six months since the implementation of the situation in Meizhou? Reporter recently from Meizhou City health meter Bureau, in the first half of this year, Meizhou City, the number of newborns with last year essentially flat over the same period, the city's pregnant women the cards number compared to the same period grew 35%, of which the Meizhou City cards number year-on-year growth 68%. It is worth noting that the first half of this year, the Meizhou municipal hospital in the number of high-risk pregnant women management surged nearly 115%. According to reports, the fourth quarter after the hospital is facing the pressure of the birth peak, especially in high-risk pregnant women brought about by the pressure.

Hospital facing prenatal service pressure B ultrasound 6 days in advance to make an appointment

Meizhou City People's hospital maternity clinic waiting area is filled with the pregnant mother, clinic came to inquiries came in an endless stream, obstetrics, deputy chief physician, cengmei busy even a sip of water did not have time to drink. "This year, the number of prenatal diagnosis and prenatal counseling significantly increased, the number of daily visits in the past 70 or so, and now at least 110 people a day."

Came to the hospital for treatment, most of the pregnant mother with two children, Ceng Mei introduced, in Meizhou People's Hospital, two children, pregnant mother, the oldest 44 years old. "Last year alone the two child policy, number of maternal visits increased not so obvious, this year, the full implementation of two children, you can see the number of maternal cards increased significantly, especially advanced maternal age."

According to the Meizhou Municipal Bureau of health statistics data, the first 6 months of this year, the number of newborns in Meizhou city and the same period last year was essentially flat, there is no production peak. But the number of pregnant women had an increase of 35%, which the city of Meizhou had an increase of 68%. "The cards number increased significantly after means the second half of this year, especially in the fourth quarter, Meizhou will usher in the peak of growth. Meizhou City cards number to be more than the city's cards by the increase in the number of means that increased the number of mothers who are concentrated in urban areas, municipal hospital in the second half of the pressure can be imagined. "

Meizhou City Health Bureau of the relevant functional departments responsible person introduction, have been pregnant at a fixed hospital set up archives check, namely the cards, the cards can be used to measure the upcoming birth, the number of mothers who.

A large number of new cards also brought pressure to the hospital service before pregnancy. According to the Meizhou City Health Bureau of the relevant functional departments of the person in charge, since the beginning of this year, in the Municipal Hospital of Meizhou City People's Hospital, Meizhou City hospital for women and children, Meizhou City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and booking B ultrasound examination to the need to queue time increased significantly. In Meizhou People's Hospital, for example, the hospital has added a B ultrasound machines and a B ultrasound consulting room, but the average per pregnant women still need to make an appointment 6 days in advance. According to the relevant departments to monitor, pregnant women to two or more hospitals to do B ultrasound basically need to make an appointment in advance a few days ago, most of the hospital only 1 days ahead of schedule." The person in charge said.

Increased risk of high risk pregnancy to protect the safety of mother and infant face new challenges

After the two child policy landing, the old woman and the critically ill neonates has been the subject of concern. In the first half of this year, there was no significant change in the number of newborns in Meizhou, and the proportion of critically ill neonates was not significantly increased. But the number of cards in the first half of last year compared to the high risk pregnant women increased significantly. The Bureau of statistics data with according to Meizhou city Wei, before this year 6 months Meizhou municipal hospital a total of 1820 than pregnant women were included in the management of high risk pregnant women, than the same period last year 845 people surged nearly 115%.

"High risk pregnant women refer to this part of a pregnant woman, who may be in the cause of a pregnancy, fetus and newborn, or cause childbirth." Has Mei introduction, maternal age less than 16 years old or more than 35 years old; pregnant women in the pregnancy complications, such as complicated with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, placenta previa, postterm pregnancy; pregnant women had one of the habit of abortion, premature birth, stillbirth history of abnormal pregnancy and other factors will be incorporated into the management of high risk pregnant women. "This year a large increase in the number of high-risk maternal, mainly the proportion of older mothers, more."

To be included in the management of high-risk pregnant women does not mean that the pregnant women will be at risk, as long as appropriate care, the general will not be a big problem. "Suggested that older mothers should do the examination must not be less." Zeng Mei said that the risk of maternal without too much psychological burden, to maintain emotional stability during pregnancy. In the diet, the need to pay attention to nutritional balance, adequate protein, calcium, as well as iron, zinc and other trace elements. Eat more vegetables and fruits, to maintain the intake of vitamins.

"National comprehensive two child policy to encourage everyone to live, but also hope that the maternal birth." Meizhou City health plan bureau of the relevant functional departments responsible person said, facing the new challenge for the safety of mother and baby, Meizhou City Health Department in accordance with the national health and Family Planning Commission issued in April this year, "do a really good job on the maternal age management services and clinical treatment of opinions", do a good job in the relevant deployment.

The first half of this year, Meizhou City Health Bureau has carried out two high-risk maternal training courses, to convey knowledge for mothers of eugenics. In addition, the requirement of hospital conscientiously carry out maternal pregnancy risk assessment, screening risk factors, identification of high-risk mothers to mobilize women of advanced maternal age to secondary and above hospitals, maternal and child health care hospital for antenatal care and delivery.

In the face of the baby boom of the next, the major hospitals in Meizhou have been well prepared, additional manpower to add beds. "Although has made adequate preparation, in the second half of the year is to avoid a tough, especially older mothers gave birth to two children, how to do well the management of high-risk mothers and critically ill neonates is the subject in each hospital." Above the person in charge said.


Guide for pregnant women

Clinical on the age of more than 35 years of age of the maternal belong to the elderly, the elderly are also included in the management of maternal high-risk maternal. "As the age increases, whether it is the rate of deformity of the infant, or the physical condition of the pregnant women, the incidence of complications, the risk is increasing." Ceng Mei, deputy director of the Meizhou People's Hospital, said Dr., she found in the clinic, to come to visit the two child mothers most of the elderly over 35 years of age. For the health of the elderly maternal birth, has given 3 points of advice.

1 a series of physical examination essential. "Pregnancy test is very important for pregnant women." Zeng Mei said that pregnant women should be appropriate to increase the frequency of production, blood glucose and blood pressure indicators to pay particular attention to. Early pregnancy maternal age except to be myoma of uterus, vagina infection based inspection and examination must be to do, respectively is sex hormone, tumor marker, thyroid, its main purpose is to look at whether the body for pregnancy, and pregnancy occurred the risk of spontaneous abortion. Need to do prenatal diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis by amniotic fluid examination to see whether the baby has a chromosomal disorder. Pregnant women should pay attention to the prevention and control of gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension and other complications.

2 to maintain a stable state of mind. As the elderly maternal, fetal development is not stable, so pregnant women need to pay attention to their emotional and mental state, can not be too nervous, not over anxiety, fear and so on. These severe mental stress can affect women's endocrine system, affect the level of hormones in the body, and this will directly affect the health of children. So mothers need to pay attention to keep a good attitude naturally, don't worry, if anxiety, listen to music, take a walk, troubleshooting, relieve their emotions.

3 well in advance to be produced. Older maternal natural childbirth more difficult, need to be prepared in advance. Must pay attention to the changes in their bodies before they advanced age parturient women, if the discomfort as soon as possible to the hospital for examination, in order to ensure the safety of the mother, than school-age pregnant a few days in advance to ten days gynecology hospital, the specific time by the doctor. As far as possible in the choice of hospital equipment and technical conditions are better.

In addition, scar uterus is also pregnant with a risk factor of two children. Cengmei recommended first cesarean to a second interval should be at least 2 years. So the uterus has a better recovery. Scar uterus to meet the conditions of how to achieve delivery? Has Mei said, first is first cesarean section indications do not exist, such as the first section production because of placental abruption, and this is not a dangerous, you can try birth; if caesarean section because the pelvis is too small, that the second have a caesarean section, because the pelvis is not change. Second is to have the willingness to try the maternal.