The child indigestion harm how diet relieve indigestion

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The child indigestion harm how diet relieve indigestion

2016-07-20 22:13:57 560 ℃

Child greediness, eat no moderate easily lead to indigestion, then the children indigestion how diet and what to eat can ease the baby Jishi? First, to understand the harm of baby food.

The harm of baby indigestion

1, stomach heat accumulation attack to the liver, thick yellow tongue coating and dry, cause mood impatience, restless, and the evening 12 points to 4 points to a lesser extent, do not sleep, in severe cases, the crying, nausea, do not want to eat, only eat cold snacks;

2, to attack the spleen and stomach heat, thick white fur, caused by spleen deficiency causes diarrhea, indigestion, the absorption is not good;

3, tapping into the intestinal and stomach heat, the first black tongue dry, cause abdominal distension, formation of intestinal spasm, dysentery, ptosis;

4, stomach heat into the lungs caused by easy to catch a cold, cough, asthma caused by allergic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, poor resistance:

5, stomach heat to cause heart attack, tongue red tongue, dry flower, the edge of mouth ulcer;

6, dyspeptic attack to the kidney, the tongue is a smooth, brown hair, playing slide, surface dull, system weight, hyperhidrosis spent away from, petite body.

Baby indigestion harm, so parents face baby Jishi how to do? What does the baby eat good?

1, malt malt water

To the valley of malt, malt 15 grams, add water to boil after a small fire and then cook for 15 minutes. Millet sprout, malt is "jiaosanxian" two main herbs, the occurrence of stomach, promote digestion effect.

2, hawthorn porridge

Hawthorn 30 ~ 40 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar 10 grams, jujube 8 grains, 8 cups of water. Wash rice and drain, hawthorn, jujube wash slightly. Pot add water 8 cups boiling, hawthorn, jujube, rice into continued boil a little stir when, changing small fire and boiled for 30 minutes, add in sugar boiling solution is.

3, sugar fried Hawthorn

Take appropriate amount of brown sugar (if the baby has a fever symptoms, can use sugar or rock candy), wok with a small fire to fry (to prevent Chaojiao, add a little water), adding to the amount of nuclear hawthorn, then fry 5-6 minutes, smell the sweet and sour taste can be. After each meal, let the children eat a little.

4, Chinese yam porridge

Take dry yam slices 100 grams, rice or millet (millet) 100 grams, sugar amount. Rice washing clean, crushed, together with yam slices into the pot, add water, boil congee.

5, yam lotus seed porridge

Yam, lotus 10 grams each, first soak, 100 grams of rice wash oil, salt pickled, the shamisen with slow fire boil into porridge edible seasoning.