The first cesarean section second child risk expert: do not blindly cesarean section

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The first cesarean section second child risk expert: do not blindly cesarean section

2016-07-20 22:14:08 542 ℃

For the first child is cesarean section mothers, in pregnant and the child will have such a question: Dabao section, two treasure must split?? will not have the risk of uterine rupture? During pregnancy has no special considerations? For this part of the mother is very concerned about the problem, Southeast network reporter in Zhangzhou hospitals were interviews.

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The first cesarean section have two children or adults endanger fetal life

Ms. Li Zhangzhou city this year 31 years old, 7 years ago the first child. Due to the lack of oxygen during the birth of a child, she made a cesarean section. To meet the conditions of her two children in early pregnant with a second child. Who knows, during the second pregnancy was fraught with danger.

Just pregnant 4 months, Ms. Lee appeared threatened abortion. She hurried to the hospital to protect. By magnetic resonance, some of the placenta has been implanted in the uterus. Ms. Lee into a dilemma, and in the end to leave children or do induced labor operation. Doctors believe that Lee does not meet the conditions for induction of labor, suggests Ms. Lee close observation, once found bleeding situation immediately let the family rushed to the hospital. But the doctor also reminded, even if the security through seven months. In this case, there is also a greater risk of cesarean section.

Little 29 year old, she made a thorough examination of the second plan before. The doctor told her that the thickness of cesarean section scar is only 3 mm. If you are pregnant, the scar is likely to grow as the fetus grows and becomes thinner. The doctor advised: don't risked his life to a second child.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the 175th Hospital of PLA

The history of cesarean section for medical institutions to guide children

Reporters learned in Zhangzhou throughout the investigation, in the re birth mother, Caesarean birth history accounted for four into about, these people have more than one child face certain risk, the need for guidance to medical institutions.

The PLA 175th hospital obstetrics director Chen Hui told reporters that the cesarean section is not a natural process of the fruits fall off when ripe. Cesarean section of the maternal than others more than a scar. Scars with normal tissue is certainly not the same, it's scalability, blood supply, flexibility is very poor. There is a history of cesarean section of the mother, if the uterine wound healing is not good, prone to major bleeding. Even good healing of the uterus, coordination is also far less complete uterine contractions will be relatively weak.

The doctor said, the first child is a caesarean section of the mother, the best two years after pregnancy. If the first cesarean section to try the best child birth, start from pregnancy counseling. "Pre assessment of uterine scar status, early pregnancy detecting gestational sac position, to the middle period of pregnancy to the position of the monitoring and evaluation of the placenta. In addition, the entire pregnancy weight control is very important, appropriate activities under the guidance of a doctor, to avoid fetal macrosomia, obesity can improve the success rate of child birth. "

The first cesarean section mothers, but also need to provide detailed medical history to the hospital, pregnancy history and past childbearing history. Best to provide the first splits the palace production operation records, and other operation details, such as have not done for uterine leiomyoma surgery, myoma size and position to, like this can help doctors scientific judgment and avoid the risk.

Cesarean section pregnant women have to follow the recommendations of the doctor

Reporter found in the survey, in recent years, the safety of cesarean section to improve the operation of the extensive development of advanced diagnostic monitoring devices also increased the concern of expectant mothers. Old, overweight and other objective reasons fetuses, and women do not want to endure the pain, "auspicious" and other concepts, have led to the high rate of cesarean section.

The doctor said that pregnant women want to cesarean section, believe that professional doctors and medical judgment, expectant mothers and families don't self assertion. The sequelae of cesarean section more: postpartum hemorrhage rate than natural childbirth 10 times higher; cesarean section of the child, in childhood more easy to allergies and asthma, likely to suffer from ADHD and emotional, love cry, sleep is not good, unlike other school-age children sitting live. "

Good for those natural childbirth conditions, but the fear of pain over the birth mothers, doctors do not recommend to do cesarean section, water birth and other new technologies that can reduce labor pain.