The dog bit the child to throw her out to see why.

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The dog bit the child to throw her out to see why.

2016-07-21 00:10:12 555 ℃

A couple of Svilicic just 4 days ago adopted a named Khan Doberman, the previous owner of abused it finally abandoned it, holding this for couples to adopt the dog and take care of them just brought the dog back to pay more attention to some of the mood changes.

Started a few Tengus everything is normal, so this couple let yourself 18 month old daughter and a dog to play together, on the fourth day, master the dogs and children are in the yard, himself in the house do things. Then they far see a surprising scene.

I saw Khan suddenly anxious, always roar, also bite the diapers, tore her. Finally simply got the child thrown at the edge of the lawn. The child was crying, the parents think it is dog what problem, quickly shouted Khan and go past.

As people approached only to know the reason, the original lawn with a snake and dog suddenly furious is because of the discovery of the snake, and it just so brutal bite children throw off is because it does not want to bite to the child.

Dog in the end is bitten by a snake by, thankfully, vet antivenom, dog treatment soon after recovered, the see it on the right side of the front of a bandage?, is bitten to place.

A couple of Svilicic but a little guilty, start shouldn't suspect that a dog, although it is not the home raised from a large, but since adopted it should believe trust a dog. But in the future, they will certainly give the dog the greatest love and trust.