Children cough will be what disease these therapeutic side effect is best

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Children cough will be what disease these therapeutic side effect is best

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Cough is originally the body's defense response, but if the child is too severe cough, it is difficult to cure, it requires parents to pay attention to, parents need to diagnose the child cough is what disease, timely treatment. So the child cough is what disease? Cold or asthma, take a look at how the expert diagnosis of it!

1, common cold

Cough: cough sound stimulation, like itchy throat, regardless of day and night, not accompanied by wheezing or shortness of breath.

Other symptoms: sleepiness, runny nose, tears and accompanied by mild fever (usually no more than 38 degrees Celsius), poor spirit, loss of appetite, sweating after abatement of fever, the symptoms disappeared, cough continued for 3 ~ 5 days.

Reasons: the four seasons of the popular, temperature changes large common, in general, catch cold catch cold experience, such as sleep at night kicking was, too little dressing, bathing, cold, etc..

Possible disorder: viral infection of the common cold, nose, sinuses, throat and lungs. Usually cough symptoms will last the whole process of cold (about 7~10 days), and sometimes cough will be longer (about half a month to about 20 days), but the symptoms can be reduced every day.

Treatment methods: generally do not need special treatment, to feed the baby some warm water, boiling water with ginger juice or onion water. As little as possible with cold medicine, the baby irritability, fever, can give a little child Hin oral. Avoid the use of adult antipyretics, not feeding cough syrup, cough and cough, not to abuse of antibiotics.

Try to keep the children's nasal cavity clean, stuffy nose or runny nose will increase the cough symptoms. For not to blow your nose in infants and young children, parents can use saline nose drops or ball type ceiling nose help children to clean the nasal cavity.

If your child's cough and nasal symptoms persist for 10 days, you should take him to the doctor. He is likely to suffer from sinusitis (bacterial infection caused by a cold) or some other diseases, such as asthma, allergies, pneumonia, or lymph node enlargement, etc..

2, bronchitis

Characteristics: early mild cough, dry cough, to wet cough, or cough have phlegmy yellow purulent sputum.

Other symptoms are: early symptoms, such as fever, sneezing, runny nose, throat discomfort.

Possible disease: respiratory tract infections, more common in older children.

Treatment methods: early symptoms are apparent available cold medicine, fever, can use antipyretic and expectorant and should not be used cough medicine. The phlegm or pus that is secondary to bacterial infection, should choose appropriate antibiotic therapy according to the doctor's advice. If without effective control, may develop into pneumonia.

3, the flu

Cough characteristics: throat slightly hoarse cough, there is a gradual increase in the trend, the sputum from the least. For a long time cough, sometimes cough, sometimes with phlegm.

Other symptoms: with evident cracking symptoms (tears, tears, respiratory secretions increased), often accompanied by 38 degrees Celsius above high fever, are generally not easy fever, duration for a week. Cough with high fever accompanied by shortness of breath, the child is mentally poor, complaining of a sore throat itching, headache, back muscles and leg muscle pain. He also has a runny nose, fever and nausea.

Causes: caused by viral infection, multiple in winter flu season, often have a mass phenomenon.

Possible disease: influenza, respiratory viral infection.

Processing method: if the child has the following symptoms, parents should immediately take him to the hospital: more than a high 38.6oC, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, do not want to drink (the doctor will advise you to take some steps to prevent dehydration of children). Baby to drink plenty of water, use a humidifier to alleviate airway congestion. In order to prevent the flu, you can consult a doctor after the injection of influenza vaccine.

Experts introduce the best treatment for children cough is a therapeutic approach, we have to look at the following:

Baby cough therapeutic one: radish soup

1 white radish slices in white pepper, 5 grain, ginger 10g, orange peel 5g, soup, add rock sugar 50g. For early disease, frequent cough, itchy throat, cough sputum thin white muddy.

Baby cough dietotherapy two: mangosteen tea

Guangxi S.grosvenorii 9g, shuijianbi. Used for cough, sputum yellow sticky, not easy to cough up.

Baby cough dietotherapy three: loofah porridge

Gourd 500 grams, 100 grams of rice, 15 grams of ginger, the amount of small shrimp. Gourd peel wash cuts standby. Rice porridge, cooked add gourd, small shrimp and other ingredients. For breakfast and dinner.

Towel gourd, sweet and cool, can heat the phlegm, cooling blood, detoxification, containing saponin, towel gourd bitter citrulline, xylan, fat, protein, vitamin E and other ingredients. With rice, small shrimp is used, there is heat and stomach, phlegm cough effect. Because the loofah cold slide frail baby or yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach diarrhea, loose stools, often with caution. Sore throat or cure ulcer diseases, it should be subtracted from the small shrimp.

Baby cough therapeutic four: Kawa Kairi

Fritillaria 5g, sugar 15g and pear with steam, for cough phlegm and thick yellow.

Baby cough dietotherapy five: coix seed yam porridge melon seeds

Coix seed yam, rice, 50g, 100g, 50g, melon seeds, eat with porridge. For the cough and phlegm, white color.

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