Carbonated drinks baby drank the teeth yellow teeth yellow how to do

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Carbonated drinks baby drank the teeth yellow teeth yellow how to do

2016-07-21 11:12:41 312 ℃

Why small age of baby teeth will be yellow, which is many parents puzzled problems, some foods will let baby children turn yellow, such as carbonated drinks, high sugar content of food and pigment of food. Here we have to see to it that baby teeth yellow 3 kinds of food and baby teeth turn yellow how to do.

1, carbonated drinks

Now many children like drinking cola carbonated beverages, this kind of beverage containing sweeteners, sugar and carbon dioxide, acidic, long-term drinking easy corrosion of the teeth, tooth surface becomes rough, bacteria and drink in the pigment deposited on the surface of the teeth, making teeth yellow and black, serious and even lead to tooth decay.

Such as tea, soy sauce, chocolate, fruit juice etc.. Pigment residues in this type of food in the tooth surface, over time, resulting in exogenous pigment deposition, the deposition of these pigment and even into the teeth deep dark black teeth.

How to do the child teeth yellow

Regular mouth rinse

Children yellow teeth, parents can with child nurturance often gargle good habit, which is to improve an important method of dental plaque. Every time I eat food after the mouthwash to plaque formation of the environment. However, if the child is in the growing stage, to remind the child, gargle efforts can not be too large.

Diligent brush

Regular brushing is not only to protect the important methods of oral health, oral plaque removal method is. Adhere to brush your teeth, can be piled on the tooth surface of the food scraps and other clean, can remove hidden residue in the spaces between the teeth and can effectively remove the baby teeth surface of the plaque.

With the help of dentifrice

To help alleviate the dentifrice yellow teeth, after a week, there will be obvious effect. If the color of their teeth are yellow, it may be asked to go to the dentist's clinic for help.

Ultrasonic scaling

Ultrasonic scaling is mainly aimed at removing stone part of the tooth, dental calculus is likely to cause dental plaque accumulation, resulting in gingivitis and periodontal disease. In the treatment of the same time, the teeth of the neck, adjacent to the stones removed, the teeth will have the performance of whitening. Thick layer of stain, through ultrasonic scaling, also can remove most. But in the teeth with a concave hole, there is a groove, or adjacent to the place, the stain is not easy to clear.

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