" &quot bear children; playing mobile phone children spend 100 thousand yuan " chop hand family " why

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" " bear children; playing mobile phone children spend 100 thousand yuan " chop hand family " why

2016-07-21 11:21:42 386 ℃

Today, the "net" increasingly younger age (Figure / visual China).

Children on the Internet, the best time to control. (map / visual China)

Over the Internet on the child's visual impact.

According to reports, the day before, a primary school students in Guangzhou on the Internet at home playing games, and bought the game equipment, its mother's credit card was stolen brush 3 thousand yuan. As long as two months of summer vacation officially began, the children in addition to hosting classes, is home at home, and the Internet is an indispensable part of.

With the popularity of smart mobile phone net, more and more common phenomenon of younger age. Reporter recently found an interview, since the summer, all kinds of children's toys, stationery, sweets and so on commodity search rate increased significantly, and from the parents said, now a lot of consumer online shopping is dominated by the children. More helpless situation, in addition to online shopping, some children in the parents do not know the situation, with their parents to pay for the phone to buy a huge game equipment, valuables, etc..

Surprised! Bear children spend 100 thousand yuan to play mobile phone

Recently, "the people's Republic of China Law General Provisions (Draft)" submitted at the twenty first meeting of the second session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress considered. The minimum age of a person with limited capacity for civil conduct under the current law of our country is ten years old. Draft will be the lower down to six years of age, provided six years of age less than 18 years of age are minors, to restrict person of civil action competence can be independent of the implementation of purely obtaining civil legal interests or for his age, intelligence to adapt to the civil legal act.

China University of political science and Law Professor Zhao Xudong said: "in the future, at the age of 6 years old of children can be simple, small amount of consumption, for example, to store to buy daily necessities, learning activities, clothing, bike etc., can also take public transport to the restaurant, like the behavior, has legal effect, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility."

However, with the age of 6 can become a small consumer relative to the Guangzhou 11 year old boy's summer obsession with hand travel brush mother account more than 3800 yuan message. Light Tsai (a pseudonym) is a primary school, after the summer vacation, the mother leaves the woman deliberately left a red rice phone at home, for his spare time to learn. July 11th afternoon, Ms. ye, who is working in the office, suddenly received a message from the bank, said her credit card account in Shenzhen has 1 POS spending, the amount of 615.6 yuan. Ms. Ye carefully after the discovery, the credit has a total of more than 3800 yuan of consumer spending, is the son of the purchase of the game equipment spent.

3800 yuan, but not bear children who spend the maximum price of their parents' mobile phone". Earlier there were reports that a six year boy with his father's mobile phone games, in a short span of three months spent 100 thousand yuan. In addition to the purchase of game equipment, there are more and more children wrapped around the parents of online shopping, the frequency and amount of increasing.

Survey: nearly 60% of the net age children under the age of 5

& nbsp; China Internet Network Information Center, the latest statistics show that at present in our country under the age of 10 years old of Chinese Internet users more than 1800 million, a minor Internet population has billions of dollars. In 2015, 56% of children aged even less than 5 years old, some children on the use of tablet and computer skills even more than parents, become worthy of the name of the Internet aboriginal".

Surveys show that most parents support their children's access to the Internet. "Some parents to save trouble, send hope to electronic products, their in no time to accompany the child, give the child a electronic products pass the time, resulting in children early access to electronic products. There are some parents themselves are keen to play touch screen electronic products, in such a family atmosphere, the child is easy to follow." Statistics found that children use new media tools (tablet PCs, smart phones, etc.) over the last 1 hours of the proportion reached 43.66%.

The 2016 Internet harmful information on teenagers harm analysis of white paper "statistics show, nearly 80% of the young people in the Internet during contact bad information, including fraud, pornography and violence for adolescents are exposed to the most adverse information types.

Insiders said that children under the age of 8 is mainly watch videos, play games, listen to the story and; third grade students used "problem, find mother", fourth grade students because of the use of electronic equipment. Visual acuity occurred problems many. Parent:

Network and business get in by every opening"

Reporters found that, in addition to some simple free secret payments, there are parents to tell their own consumer password told the child. His mother said: "sometimes the child will give students micro letter envelopes, each time the amount is 10 yuan. I think this is a kind of entertainment between the children, the payment password to tell the children." An interview with reporters, also have parents usually let the children with their credit card to the home around the stationery store to buy things, "the graph save trouble, also want to let children to exercise, will tell the child credit card password, and smart kids often knows in the parent's phone try to use the same password to pay the. And brush mother 3800 yuan of money to the primary school students, it is in the mother sent a red envelope to enter the password when recorded.

In the end should not let the children used to "online shopping"? In this regard, the views of parents are not consistent, there are a lot of parents are expressed support. Just in daughter egged on to buy the Zhudy a "Japanese shokugan" mom said: "online shopping is convenient and cost-effective, but also to save with a lot of children to shopping malls of the time. For example, the children want to buy some automatic pencil, parents can be compared with the children together in the electronic business platform and choose." Mom and Zhudy said Siwan of Japan is a recent fire a can eat and play "snacks" of toys, child's classmates are in online bought.

However, there are a lot of parents are opposed to this. Mr. Zhou said: "as a parent, I also a family of online shopping, but the child is still small, I will not let her independent to online shopping, can affect the child's eyes, also worry that their children will not therefore net addiction." In fact, Mr. Zhou has found that her daughter often browse some businesses on the tablet advertising, wrapped around the parents to buy. The online advertising toys, also become the daughter in the summer vacation every day happy.


Children need to control online shopping

Experts believe that the "children's online shopping has some unsafe factors, so children online shopping parents to strengthen the guidance, every time shopping for the best parents to accompany, a security safe shopping, to help their children choose one item, told the child not easily revealed personal privacy and key information, if need to pay money, the first time to discuss this with my parents. At the same time the children on the Internet time to have a certain supervision, to ensure that children's vision and physical and mental health."

Zhang Haibo, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Children's palace believes that children should be allowed to have a certain knowledge of the network, establish a correct view of wealth, to understand the potential risks of online shopping. "In the current situation of the lack of network supervision, the parents are very important to guide and accompany. In order to prevent the children's Internet addiction, parents should guide their children to use the Internet properly. At home to provide Internet space, to avoid the child to uncontrollable places, such as Internet cafes, etc.. If problems are found, and the children do not directly crush, and to empathy, to a level the child, and positive guidance. "

In addition, parents can also consider using the Internet behavior management tool, the number of children on the Internet use the flow of control.

Lawyers interpretation:

The existing China's "general principles of civil law" provisions, for more than 10 years of age minors belong to the restricted capacity for civil conduct of the can independent of the implementation of his age, intelligence, and adapt to the civil legal act, such as the purchase of some small stationery. However, in the network game to buy expensive game equipment, usually was identified as being beyond the behavior of a ten year old child's age and mental state, the need to get his guardianship personnel first recognized or subsequent ratification. However, for online game account recharge, purchase items of the bank card and the mobile phone are bound in the name of the parents, so if the basis of the "civil law" requires businesses to refund, it will inevitably encounter the problem of evidence.

Therefore, the lawyer reminded parents to properly keep account, mobile phones, bank cards, etc., while the proposed business to further improve their trading system. "Game operators in the electronic payment methods should not be set too simple; encountered large payment, such as more than 500 yuan should be done to remind responsibility, contact the owner himself or verify the identity card number or the security problem, confirm whether it is my account operation, to prevent appear consumer price event." (reporter Feng Qiuyu)