Father told his daughter not to go home for 10 years daughter: not to do not want to be afraid

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Father told his daughter not to go home for 10 years daughter: not to do not want to be afraid

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Yesterday, Gulin, 69 year old Yang Zhengyuan alone at home watching TV

Several daughters over the years to fight the transfer of evidence to support the father


Court Mediation: three sisters every year the visit father twice, which a limited during the Spring Festival, another qualified on the outside of the Spring Festival other time; three sisters per month at least a greeting call father Yang Zhengyuan. Daughter accepted the often go home to see his father's mediation.


The patriarchal father, regardless of family, love beat, to her workplace trouble, with a hammer smashing her daughter's door. Although the court mediation, but if the father is still such an attitude, even if he won the lawsuit, but has lost the family forever."

filial piety

Authoritative filial piety

Refers to the parents of their elders, children should be obedient to their mind, to maintain their authority, unconditionally to make filial piety

Equality of filial piety

Refers to the parents and their children have a strong emotional attachment, in the long-term life of mutual care, mutual assistance

In March this year, the 40 year old Yang Qing received the first court summons in life. Her own father Yang Zhengyuan will she and sister willow sister and Yanglan told court, petitioned the court to three sisters "often home to see".

Yangqing admit, in spite of his biological father, but his sister and the willow has 10 years didn't come home seen father, also did not make a phone call. But she explained, not their own do not honor his father, but there is a difficult to return home".

The blood is thicker than water and why strangers even in court?

A lawsuit

Father told his three daughters not to go home.

Court Mediation: visit two times a year

The sisters did not expect this trip to China, has triggered a lawsuit between father and daughter.

"They all went back to Gulin, not only did not see me, not even a phone." From the neighbors know that his daughter back to Gulin, father Yang Zhengyuan very angry, they only give the living expenses, 10 years to even a phone did not play, but not to see the!" Yang Zhengyuan said publicly, four, five, six to sue three daughters.

Third sister Yang hand immediately inform the three sister, on the one hand to his father, but persuasion had no effect. Yang Chun quickly found sister and brother-in-law Yang Jia Luo Xiang persuasion, but still do not listen to his father.

By the end of March this year, the father sued the daughter asked "often home to see" the case in Gulin County People's court trial, the scene of the only court judges, clerks, bailiff, Yang Zhengyuan and attorney five people, dock and gallery were empty. "Father's bad temper, we dare not to participate in the trial." Old Yang Chun said.

The case ends up in a way of mediation. The conciliation statement said that both parties reach the following agreement: Willow, Yangqing, Yang Lan three sisters every year the visit father twice, which a limited during the Spring Festival, another qualified on the outside of the Spring Festival other time range; the three sisters at least a month to play a greeting call father Yang Yuan.

Dialogue father

Don't let me down with them

There is no such reason

July 20th, the reporter saw the 69 year old Yang Zhengyuan. His white hair and mental condition is good.

Yang Zhengyuan introduction, in the 1990s, oneself in Gulin County Deyao town opened two tree farms, 1800 acres of land all kinds of chestnut seedlings. But is the Guaguo, chestnut with the chestnut blight, 2004 all cut down. Yang Zhengyuan said, after he went on the road with the Chinese chestnut seedlings sales side, before and after spending 12 years. Yang Zhengyuan said, playing the lawsuit money is everywhere borrowed, during the lawsuit, except for the eldest daughter, other daughters support I, even the phone without a.

Talking about his wife and his estranged, Yang Zhengyuan thinks this is girls in order to allow his wife to help take care of the children, irreplaceable of the wife, two people are artificially separated, "my wife and I has no direct conflict of interest, daughters selfish caused we seperated for 10 years."

Yang Zhengyuan said he really wanted a son, but did not abandon the daughters, support them to eat, dress and go to school, but also read so many books. He denied the family violence, the 2008 shooting of mother daughter injured photos, is false. He admits to his daughter to make, also with a hammer pass, but the cause is not to give money to them. The witness's statement, he believes that Zhao Tingzhu and her daughter are a group, perjury.

"Because my father has a bad temper, he won't have a father" Yang Zhengyuan said that if her daughter continued to visit or do not call concerned about their own, he will apply to the court to enforce. "I am a father, let me down with them? There is no such reason. Unless they take the initiative to apologize, this is the minimum requirement!"

Dialogue daughter

The patriarchal father love beat

Father and daughter for many years difficult to repair the gap

After the trial, Yang Qing told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter: he and the other two sisters are not reluctant to go home, just because the father and his father for many years the gap is difficult to repair.

About 1 boys

Yangqing Gulin, born in 1976, she at home ranked fifth, above is sister. Underneath there is a small Yao sister.

Yang Qing's 67 year old mother Xiao Lu, her husband was in Gulin County Baisha Town, and later quit his job. Himself in November 1968 with Yang Zhengyuan married, gave birth to the eldest daughter Yang Jia in 1969. To 1983, Xiao Lusheng under the last child, but died of the second child, their 5 children are daughters.

Yangqing seems, father Yang Zhengyuan has a strong patriarchal ideology and mother why 14 years has been gradually give birth to the child, is the cause of the father to a son. In this regard, Yang Zhengyuan also admitted that he really wanted to have a son, that era many people are such a point of view".

A row of 6 daughters (1 people died), also did not allow Yang Zhengyuan to give up the desire to have a son. Omura, 1987, Yang Zhengyuan when they go out to retrieve the a 10-year-old boy, once at home life for three months, later because the friend been persuaded to let him leave.

2 family talk

After the resignation, Yang Zhengyuan has not been working, raising more than and 10 barrels a day to make a living. As the children grew up, more and more families spending, Xiao Lu began processing Hanging noodles support children reading. For the husband to the family pay, Omura some criticism: "he (her husband) very fond of playing cards, money earned by selling honey brought home a little." Omura, daughter Yang junior high school after graduation, along with his mother do hand money, and later in the winery's father to work, to earn money to support the sisters, "a few sisters boss read book least.

"Father has a bad temper." Yanglao three spring impression is the deepest is, his mother and sister in hand, my father came back the meter and motor unloaded, the mother looked for personnel repaired.

Yang Qing so far remember, when you sign up for a child for three days, the first day came back afraid to tuition, second days did not dare, third days did not have a way to ask the family to ask for money". Yang Qing find dad, get the answer is always: "no money, to find your mother!"

Yang Qing's first job in Luzhou a large hotel, also became the hotel management and later by self admitted to work in a government office. Yangqing said, sister Yanglan in Gulin finished second was he received from Luzhou, then, little sister from high school to the university entrance exam, and finish college after reading a graduate student, the cost has been Yangqing and other sister bear, "including the girl to work in Panzhihua, married son basic and sisters get together".

For daughters, Yang Zhengyuan denied. He said, in 80s, he and a partner opened a brewery, all the money to subsidize the home. In the 1990s, Yang Zhengyuan in Gulin County Deyao town two village looking for more than 1800 acres of land, open forest species of chestnut, then get the poverty alleviation funds is also used to subsidies household.

"Fourth (willow) admitted to the University, no money at home, I found the bank borrowed 10000 yuan for her to go to school." Yang Zhengyuan said that his daughter, said he had a small contribution to the family, he also admitted that he did not think he did not abandon them, it is not without them".

Talk 3 love hit

The four daughter willow after graduating from college, was admitted to the Gulin county bamboo township office work. Willow said, a day of June, 2005, Yang Zhengyuan suddenly came to the willow's office, to her ask for support payments, "is actually asked me for money to play he Yang Zhengyuan) forest farm of lawsuit". In order to prove himself did not support his father, when the other person in the office, willow from the drawer and took a stack of bank payment slip. "He felt I was blown, grabbed my hair on the desk." Yang recalled, colleagues are too scared to persuade.

Chengdu Daily reporter then was removed to find the original bamboo township people's Congress Chairman, retired Zhao Tingzhu. He said there is a matter, the father went to the daughter of the unit up to beat, indeed a bit too much."

It happened after half a year, leaving willow bamboo township to Yanyuan County, has been so far. "Leave Luzhou, completely because of his father's reason, forced helpless".

Yang Qing said that the number of times the father to her flat. "In a few months, he ran up to the unit and pulled my hair." Father in addition to the unit, but also to go home. Once, she rest in Luzhou city Longmatan District home, father took a hammer to hit the door. The "cat's eye was broken in the house, I scared, reported to the police." Yang Qing said, after the arrival of the police station of the red star, Yang Zhengyuan was left, the hammer has been confiscated. In this regard, Yang Zhengyuan confirmed that there is indeed the matter, the cause is in order to support the cost. Yang Qing said, does not owe alimony, father is an unreasonable man, as long as the Shunyi will take extreme way.

Three sisters on willow, Yangqing, Yang Lan said that because of the fear of his father's violent temper, they never dare to go alone to see his father, in Gulin when the nurse's youngest D. a.klosterman although dare to go alone to see his father, but as long as that he has a hint of anger, quickly left.

His wife Xiao Lu said, before the husband and Yang Zhengyuan live together, he was often beaten. 10 years ago, he was separated from him, living with a few daughters, so far did not dare to look at him.

Expert analysis

Authoritative filial piety and the struggle for equality of filial piety

Often go home to see the implementation of difficult refraction

"He is the father, my life is he gives, forever owes him, this truth I understand." But the father's behavior, let Yang Qing confused. "Filial piety, but my father sometimes makes me very uncomfortable, if my life is gone how filial?" Yang Qing said, he is not filial female, father's living expenses, medical expenses not in arrears. But the demands on themselves to go home to visit, or like what has not happened to father and a byword among family, himself is really very difficult to do, "so many years, again and again to hurt, affection is too light is too light."

When it comes to the lawsuit, Yang Qing said that they accept the court's mediation, but if the father is still such an attitude, even if he won the lawsuit, but has lost the family forever."

In this regard, the family law expert, Tianjin Normal University associate professor Xiang Xian Wang told Chengdu Business Daily reporter, from the point of view of the law on protection of rights and interests of the elderly, daughters of behavior does not conform to the legal provisions, but from the point of view of "anti domestic violence law, daughters with anti domestic violence spirit. Anti domestic violence law, victims of violence by the perpetrators of harassment, according to "close to the limit," the relevant provisions, take the initiative to avoid violence.

"Often go home to see" difficult to implement

On the legislative spirit of the authority of filial piety in China

Wang Xiangxian pointed out that there are two views on filial piety, one is the authority of filial piety, unconditional obedience to parents; one is equality of filial piety, parents and children to care for each other, mutual assistance. In modern society, there are a lot of views on the authority of the existence of filial piety, tend to accept equality of filial piety. "Every citizen has the right to be treated equally, and no one can infringe upon others or infringe upon them."

"The older people's rights and interests protection law" more consideration is the authority of filial piety." Xiang Xian Wang analysis, in this case, three daughters, although the Father Bear, but my father did not perform their duties well, first violated the the women and children's rights and interests protection law ", he illegal prior to, so it caused the girls now behavior, if the consequences completely by daughters assume is unfair. "Only consider the authority of filial piety, but easy to produce contradictions and conflicts, such as the children will not want to 'often go home to see' the situation occurred."

How to improve?

The introduction of the spirit of equality of filial piety legislation

For the old people's rights and interests protection law to the provisions of the pension is a problem of family responsibility, Wang Xiangxian said that the legislation does not consider the burden of children and stress, the responsibility of the child is not fair to blame. For example, the law stipulates that children should often go home to see, the employer should provide the appropriate welfare benefits, and other content, very unrealistic. "For example, there are units to visit relatives and leave four years before the first time, these Provisions are not matched with the provisions of the law or even conflict.