6 year old boy swimming classes accidental drowning person to restore the incident process

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6 year old boy swimming classes accidental drowning person to restore the incident process

2016-07-21 21:22:07 295 ℃

Thankfully, west of Hangzhou Xicheng Meishu drownings six-year-old boy yesterday finally got out of the danger, and in yesterday noon remove ventilator transferred to ordinary ward.

The children clearly call Mom and dad grandma and grandpa can also back home, the telephone numbers of people. The doctor said, the child is aware of the basic consciousness, the basic stable vital signs.

The boy's situation has improved, but there is a safety issue on the swimming pool can not be ignored.

The latest news said that Hangzhou has been rolled out the swimming pool safety investigation, to the West Lake District as an example, government departments through more than 200 property company 11 district investigation of swimming place of business, once found the license will be immediately banned.

6 year old boy out of danger

Mom and dad are already calling.

Yesterday, a 6 year old boy finally out of danger, the child can clearly call Mom and Dad, grandma and grandpa's name, back out of the family phone numbers, basic conscious, vital signs were stable, yesterday morning, children already out of breath, then go to the province of Bao Er.

Money newspaper reporters yesterday once again visited the city two hospital, the boy's father was also the first to accept the interview. "The son finally woke up, but we called out the name, now the mood is better." He thanked the media attention, but also to thank you for your concern. He confirmed that from the accident to the present, the museum has been involved in the coordination of the matter.

My father said, son in reading kindergarteners, the swimming training class is the name of the mother of the child, newspaper, in is two to one of swimming teaching, has been on the three or four class. "Did not care before, things happen before I think 'refused to accompany the parents' is a problem." He said, there are only a few tens of centimeters to shallow water, deep water isolation wall middle lane, children can freely cross. He believes that this is one of the key risks of drowning son.

People familiar with the process to restore the incident

The boy from shallow water to deep water area

Children's father only know these, the time of the incident that the key point of time what happened, he did not know.

At noon yesterday, the money newspaper reporter through a variety of channels to contact a person in the know, he has some of the more clear picture of the incident.

"The incident occurred suddenly, the process is very short, no one would have thought that the accident." He said that at that time the swimming training course has not yet officially started, in the preparation of pre teaching. And the little boy was already in the shallow water area began to practice -- he took a piece of floating plate in the stroke (pool as well as other people, have children to adults), but who also have never thought, the boy took floating in a few is from shallow water to 1.4 meters deep water area, and then the floating plate suddenly tilting, the little boy started struggling in the water...

Time is not long, danger is found, the lifeguard to rescue the children rescued, then we all know the pool.

notDo "high risk permits" face penalties

Security risk investigation will be spread throughout the city

6 year old boy can not dilute the two question: whether there is a management problem related to the swimming pool? Other swimming pool whether there is a security risk? Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter interviewed a number of relevant departments.

Lu Sui, director of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of sports and regulation industry, said that they have business guidance and supervision of the swimming pool, but they are not the specific management department, there is no punishment. "In addition to the guidance and supervision of the business, the rest of the content has been returned to the territorial management." He said that this point on the power list has been listed. As the guidance department, they in the Xicheng Meishu drownings occur, immediately asked a district level sports departments to investigate the incident.

Money newspaper reporter learned that, in general, the content of the survey will involve many aspects, including the reasons for the occurrence of drowning incidents, after. Whether there is a management vacuum or loopholes in the swimming pool, whether there is a lack of capacity to deal with emergencies, and security related equipment, personnel are in place, and so on.

"Before we have sent a" notification ", but the notice and Xicheng Meishu drowning events not associated with." Lu explained to the director, notice issued in July 10th, the content is required to strengthen the relevant territorial departments of the swimming pool and the supervision and investigation of security risks.

A 6 year old boy in Xicheng Meishu drowning incident occurred on July 17 and turned it into a a proof "notice" important events -- if my fit baboon happen Fitness Management Co., Ltd.) can self discharge in accordance with the notification requirements, the tragedy may not occur.

West Lake District, the new Bureau of the cultural market administrative law enforcement unit is responsible for the investigation of the drowning incident, the relevant person in charge said has to drowning events were preliminary investigation, someone's swimming pool my fit exists incomplete documentation of the situation. "Swimming training class swimming pool the need to apply for hosting the" business license (Market Supervision Bureau) ', health permits (Department of Health), high-risk license (District Wenguang new Bureau), but the enterprises involved did not achieve high risk license. " The person in charge said that no matter whether the company responsible person has consulted the competent authorities, whether to submit the bidding procedures, as long as no license is not allowed to conduct business operations. "Missing license is ahead of business, we will be punished for their."

West Lake District Wenguang new Bureau requirements towns street, village community to carry out extensive inspections, and District Housing Construction Bureau, through more than 200 property company for investigation shall be banned within the district free license swimming place of business.

Two drowning incidents occurred in a short period of time to allow the relevant departments of high tension. Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, the relevant responsible person said, they once again asked the district sports new board to step up the investigation area of the swimming pool safety hazards, strengthen inspection and prevention, to prevent such incidents.

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