6 year old girl crying for alarm forced children to lighten the burden of your interest in class?

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6 year old girl crying for alarm forced children to lighten the burden of your interest in class?

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Chongqing 6 year old girl alarm cry for relief

Police uncle, come and save me." At noon on July 15th, Chongqing 110 received a phone call from a little girl. When the police saw the little girl, she had stopped crying. "Uncle, I really don't want to go to the training class. It's going to be very early."." The little girl was holding the hand of the police, while coquetry.

Originally, little girl Le Le (a pseudonym) this year, 6 years old, just graduated from kindergarten, September school will read a year. Le Le mother in order not to let the children lose at the starting line, taking advantage of the summer to give her daughter a breath of three classes: piano classes, dance classes and calligraphy class.

At noon on the day of the incident, this is the time to learn the piano, but she wants to play with a small partner. Mother urged several times do not see her daughter out, the mood is out of control, hit her daughter. Le Le scared to cry, take advantage of mother not to pay attention to, took her mother's phone call 110.

Shanghai summer mother spend 320 thousand for the class report

According to China Economic Net parents channel understanding, such as the use of the summer holiday to the children to participate in the summer to participate in the interests of the parents of the class is not in a few. Many children in the summer will not remove the burden of learning, have fun, but "overweight" learning skills.

Spread on the Internet such a news: a mother after 80 Shanghai in September this year, the first year of primary school children made a list of the semester, summer spending and extra-curricular learning costs up to 320 thousand yuan. In addition to a variety of school supplies, home supplies and summer camp, a total of 20 extra-curricular interest classes. Hot friends: really looking for children nouveau riche, but feel tired.

There are media in the local training school near random interviews with 50 parents and students, almost every child in the summer are in the interest of classes, the average of a child reported 2 interest classes, up to 4. A mother said, children summer vacation at home and watching TV, than to interest classes to learn many things, "class of interest is not all pressure of learning, there are many Haoshua. She gave the son of Taekwondo, primary school English, Mathematical Olympiad and cello."

3 reasons for the summer to send a child interested in class parents

1, can not lose at the starting line

Many parents from kindergarten began, the succession to the child registration to English, Mathematical Olympiad, a wide variety of classes is not let their children lose at the starting line. Many parents said frankly, let the children go to the class is also an interest: "do not have a baby at home, my child does not learn, what special skills will not be inferior!"

2, the training of children's comprehensive quality

China Economic Net parent channel notes, with the popularity of the concept of quality education, parents are more and more attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive ability. In recent years, the education in developed areas have emerged a trend, college entrance examination scores of students, there is little "dead reading", but the overall quality is very high, on the one hand, the study of top-notch, on the other hand, arts, sports, science and technology, such as specialty, which often benefit from small to large interest in culture.

3, summer hosting child

Send their children to interest classes, there is a need for reality, it is free. Parents to work during the day, the child to whom the parents, grandparents, grandparents may be a good choice. But the old man always spoil the child, if the grandparents have bad habits, you will take the "bad" child. So, instead of stocking at home, it is better to let him on the interest of classes, and the same age with friends, but also to exercise social skills.

So, arrange the child's interest in the class, in the end is good or not good interest classes can develop the child's interest in the following, China Economic Net parenting channel summary of the expert's point of view, for reference:

First of all to get rid of the utilitarian heart"

National registered counselors, learning education in Zhengzhou Institute of psychological research director Wang: Chinese parents always expect children "as early juvenile", but in fact grow up nothing. "Youth will be" just to meet the parents. Early childhood, the child's brain growth and development is a state of disorder. And we artificially ordered culture, weakening the children's creativity, premature activation of all nervous system, curing the connectivity between neurons.

"Such as taekwondo, is a kind of play, do not give education to utilitarian, have to achieve what goal." Wang Haiyong said, the interests of the class do not have the requirements of the child, is to provide a place for children to interact. Now parents utilitarian heart trouble, think that children know what they must master. The utilitarian nature of the parents so that the whole family are very tired.

Do not compare with others"

Choose the class of interest not being to keep up with the Joneses, parents do not follow the crowd, others to learn what also let their children learn what, what training programs thermal what, or the impose their wishes on the child's body, and not conducive to the interests of the culture, there may amount to nothing.

Shenyang Youth Palace for many years to engage in training for many years the teacher Ma Shijun: parents pay attention to children's interests in a variety of starting point, but the way is very important. To respect the wishes of the child, or forced to learn, just a waste of time. Trained in the training class interest, is often short-lived, everyday life is the fertile soil for the cultivation of interest.

Can try more but have to focus on the choice of

Liaoning Province counselors Association directors, the national secondary counselors Qi Feng: in favor of interest classes, but interest classes to decide according to the child's talent.

Talent can focus on development, such as the language of some children have talent, can be reported to host the show class, through the system of learning, children can be happy in the development of. If children do not have talent in some aspects, parents forced him to learn, through training can be successful, but the children do not have pleasure, this and study the mind against.

At the same time to give the child a lot of classes is not appropriate, if the parents can not observe the child in which there is a talent, you can let the children go to a number of attempts. Under normal circumstances, if the child can learn to adhere to three weeks to adapt, so he continued to learn development, if you insist on not down, we must resolutely give up.

Cultivating "learning personality" is the key

Yunnan University Higher Education Research Institute researcher Fanye: parents give the child reported interest class, where the key is understanding as to what is the real interest of the child, and abandon impetuous and utilitarian in the process is the most common, and all sorts of mistakes.

"What is to develop the students personality? Give a counterexample, such as a little girl to learn ballet, parents to see the little girl on the stage station is a few hours, very hard, a crying child, oneself say first give up, this is to the child training error learning personality." Fan Ye said, on a taekwondo class, the child came back to ask his teacher good, learn not happy, if you get a positive answer, that is the child's interest, but in fact, this is not the interest."

In the view of Fan Ye, no matter what courses in summer classes in the. The key point lies in cultivating children's learning personality, not just simple to master a skill. Such as learning swimming, parents should be further, let children consciousness that this is not only learned how to swim, is the understanding of physical fitness.

One day to learn two more appropriate

And for very young children, a day reported two courses is more appropriate, best is a cultural class a physical education, more children and easily tired.

, the choice of instruments of the training class can first to the Department to listen, like the intellect, if not long-term training, then the proposed learning harmonica and other small instruments, because a short time can see effect.

, learning to swim is not too early, if the child is too small, some actions do not understand, physical strength is not enough to support training, leading to get twice the result with half the effort.

Choose interest classes according to age

4-6 years of age to develop intelligence, learning ability and good habits of learning, taking into account the interests of children. Can choose go, music / Dance / musical instruments (Ren Xuanyi), art, science, swimming.

6-10 years of age to enhance the healthy growth of the body, taking into account the main learning knowledge. This stage of interest class reference: swimming, skating, martial arts / English / Taekwondo / ball games (Ren Xuanyi).

Over 10 years of age to cultivate specialty based. Respect for children's interest in the development of 1-2 specialty, focusing on.

Select the formal training institutions

Selection of training institutions, itself is also very important. If the training institutions irresponsible, children not only can not learn skills, maybe it will delay the exploration of hobbies.

How to choose the training institutions? If training institutions to next to the parents open lectures, again good however, the level of the teachers, educational environment can at a glance. In addition, the quality of lecture notes, but also worthy of reference. Notes, it can be said that the training institutions, intellectual property rights". If the lecture notes organized, rich in content, the actual teaching even if there is a slight defect, the effect will not be too bad.