The British women's toilet birth babies born smoothly near misses

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The British women's toilet birth babies born smoothly near misses

2016-07-22 22:54:06 405 ℃

From the 28 year old Sophie, Essex, England, in the maternity leave, she found their amniotic fluid has been broken and uterine contraction, so he went to the University of southern hospital expectant, but was told that the baby could not than the premature 14 days, because her cervix is not open. The doctor advised her to go home and take a hot bath. However in an hour after returning home, sitting in the toilet of Sophie suddenly feel legs have things to slip out, and found to be the head of the baby, she with the fastest speed in the child knocked to the floor caught her.

Fortunately, the baby is very healthy and is named Olivia. Joy at the same time Holmes couples are also dissatisfied with the hospital. In the successful delivery of this day, health care workers have two times to persuade them to return home. Even if the maternal amniotic fluid has been broken, the hospital insisted that the baby will not be born early. Sophie thought she was pregnant for the first time, no experience, deserve better care, if they are not timely grasp the child, then the consequences would be unthinkable.

Subsequently, Holmes couples a formal complaint to the hospital, but he learned that the hearing will be delayed. The expression of regret, and said it would continue to investigate the case. (China Youth Network compiled reports)