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The water was fun adorable baby cool strongest Raiders

2016-07-22 23:11:18 394 ℃

Love splashing, almost every child's nature, bath like ducklings like kerflop waving hands; rain the sky and held out his hand for the edge of the rain foot water play; usually in while the parents do not pay attention to, open splashing faucet water... Don't miss any chance to play in the water!

A lot of mother refused to let the baby dabble, for fear of the risk of splashing, afraid of the clothes wet and cold, afraid to make such a mess of things...

But you don't know is that allows the game to be more creative than expensive educational toys, readily available water, splashing on the baby has many educational role, to stimulate baby's senses, cultivate creativity, development of practical ability...

So cheap and good game, this summer, the children no longer limited water. Whether indoors or outdoors, water is to accompany him.

The weather is too hot? The water rose is indoor knowledge

Dog days, 35 DEG C + weather at any time, don't want to join in the fun with the baby out waves, then follow the baby in the room together splashing is also a good idea, only need to some simple props, you and your baby can enjoy splashing.

Game: click cup hearing hearing

Required equipment: prepare the size, material different cups, spoons.

Fill the cup with water, hit the cup with a spoon, listen to the sound of the difference? With the same material of the cup with a different depth of water, with a spoon to beat, listen to what is the difference?

Taste game: the taste of water

Required equipment: prepare cups, spices.

Put a small amount of salt, sugar, soy sauce and other spices into the warm water, let the children taste, identification seasoning products.

Power game: water play

Required equipment: prepare the size of different cups, table tennis.

With different size cup scoop water play; the small cup sink into the cup, see water overflowing, the ping-pong ball into the water in, why water can not overflow?? even if it is a simple combination of the cup and water can also be many cool gameplay, and contains in which so many "unknown night Li" of scientific knowledge: water temperature sensing, deformation, flow, buoyancy...

Enough Sahuan, outdoor show the water body

Dabble indoor game although it up knowledge, but the space in the home is small, play not to open, want to dabble exercise your baby's body, it was concluded that the outdoor paddling.

If many parents worry, there are many uncontrollable factors outside, so go out to play, must be done safety measures.

Water seesaw

For beginners swimming baby, this game is very suitable for them, and the baby to play this game, you can let the baby feel the sense of nausea. Father or mother and baby hand in hand standing in waist deep in the water, two people on the beat, a squat, like on the seesaw, squat down, baby head need submerged in water.

Safety tips: be sure to choose a place with clean water, parents should constantly observe the baby look, don't distracted. If the child feels uncomfortable or is anti denounce, should be stopped immediately.

Water war

Summer, what games more exciting than play gun? A lot of boys to play gun has a persistent love, feel stimulation of hydraulic shock, joy to quack.

Safety tips: squirt out of the water column impact force strong, such as shooting to the eye, the eye is very easy to be injured, and just the children very easy to play crazy.

Recommend buying a toy gun, must be considered from the safety of small selection pressure. The gun loaded water must ensure clean water, to prevent infection of eye. The water before, to deal with the children, do not shoot the face, especially the eyes, to avoid accidents. If you can play with the child to squirt on related eye goggles to protect.

blow bubbles

Outdoor play, can also be very warm. In the sun, reflecting the colorful luster of the bubble is the baby's favorite. Light is chasing the bubble, they will be able to play all day.

Safety tips: to go to regular stores to buy water bubble, "three noes" bubble water, sprinkled on the child's face, even false ceiling entrance will on children's health cause harm. Parents can DIY bubble water, with soap (detergent or detergent can also be) release release about with a bang bang ring blowing on it.

Baby play note get V

For children under 3 years wear waterproof diaper: a mother with a baby dabble, very hesitant about whether to wear diapers to TA, normal diapers not waterproof function, the bubble bigger, become baby heavy burden. Instead of wearing pants what play the game and not health. Here, less than 3 years old baby play, can wear waterproof disposable diapers, baby health.

Pay attention to water sanitation: whether it is indoor or outdoor paddling, should pay special attention to the water quality and health! Child delicate body, bad water quality will lead to bacterial growth in the baby body, even harm the baby's skin. So when swimming, for the baby choose infant swimming pool; after swimming, to use clean towel clean body, still need to let the baby gargle with salt water, use a clean cotton to sign or alcohol cotton to help the baby ear cleaning water to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

Pay attention to sunburn: outdoor paddling although cool, but also get a sunburn, can help the baby hat, before splashing painted with waterproof effect of children's sunscreen.

Pay attention to the safety of dabble activities: children playing in the water, will use a floating plate, a float collar, a life buoy, swimsuit, swimming cap, glasses, toys and other supplies. The purchase of these infant swimming activities should pay attention to whether the smooth surface, fine workmanship, not on the baby's skin damage; colors should be bright and in sharp contrast to the water; gas nozzle should be one-way valve, gas nozzle should be a permanent attachment of the gas plug, plug and gas valve sealing performance is better, no leak phenomenon.