Pregnant these same as soon as possible for medical treatment, especially sixth points, or regret for a lifetime!

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Pregnant these same as soon as possible for medical treatment, especially sixth points, or regret for a lifetime!

2016-07-21 13:53:16 417 ℃

No small matter during pregnancy!No small matter during pregnancy!No small matter during pregnancy!

Many mothers are not sure, when they have some symptoms in the end when the first time should not be a doctor.

After pregnancy, everyone has different feelings and experiences, which is very common.

For those had a miscarriage or stillbirth pregnant women may in the second pregnancy, they will not hesitate to go to a doctor, because they are afraid of lost again.

Pregnancy, if the expectant mother symptoms, care is always good. Timely medical examination, so that the doctor told himself that this situation is serious. In most cases, the doctor will be able to solve the problem of a simple examination of the mother's troubles, but also to avoid a lot of trouble.

That what is the case, it should be a doctor? Today, medicine chat you invite Hunan Province Maternal and child health hospital, deputy director of production department to talk about the topic of Jiangan nurse.

1 your baby stop movement

Generally speaking, to the second trimester fetal movement began to clear. Some mothers may feel keenly feel the movement at 15-16 weeks of pregnancy.

With prolonged pregnancy, fetal size and number also increased. In late pregnancy, the expectant mother can count quickening, because this movement is the law.

If the pregnancy is full 28 weeks later, if a long time did not pay attention to the big news, or the child is significantly less than usual, it is best to go to the hospital to check.

In the DFM may mean the fetal hypoxia, distress and other dangerous situations.

2 regular contractions

The second trimester, occasionally one or two of contractions is normal, but when close to the expected date of childbirth, contractions may be will be very painful, but often is not the law.

If a hour mothers have six or more contractions, which may be signs of premature; if the contractions gradually becoming law, to shorten the interval, with water flowing from the vagina, hemorrhage, mothers must see a doctor as soon as possible may signal is in labor.<12Three>

3.Massive vaginal bleeding

There are many causes of bleeding during pregnancy, and not all of the conditions are dangerous. A small amount of blood, such as vaginal discharge with blood, usually have nothing to worry about.

But if the bleeding is more serious, like the menstrual cycle, or more severe, there may be abnormal placenta, such as the placenta or placenta. This kind of bleeding is very serious, should immediately seek medical treatment.

4 blood sugar is too high or too low

Some women in pregnancy will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so if you are pregnant before pregnancy is a diabetic patient, pregnancy should monitor the level of blood glucose.

Pregnant women are vulnerable to the threat of gestational diabetes, if your blood sugar decreased in the expected range, then promptly seek medical attention. Very low or very high blood sugar is not treated, it may cause serious consequences, including seizures, coma, and even death, the mother and fetus are unfavorable.

5 sudden severe abdominal pain

While pregnancy, occasional abdominal pain is a normal phenomenon, but sudden, severe abdominal pain may be a sign of uterine rupture, an urgent story may endanger the lives of pregnant mothers and Tai Baobao.

If the expectant mothers had previously received cesarean section, then, the risk of uterine rupture is greater, do not be ignored.