Parents so baby will spoil the child, accounting for 2 of the parents are failed!

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Parents so baby will spoil the child, accounting for 2 of the parents are failed!

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Children make mistakes is normal but things, but mistakes must bear the responsibility, must not because there are small, parents complain, about behavior, parents need to reflect on.

The 1 goal to use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

Such as children playing in the sand, which a rob the small partners toy bulldozer, unsuccessful, a bite to each other's hands. As a result, the bulldozer is to get it.

In the long run, will develop children paranoid personality, the future may do something against the law in order to certain interests relationship, parents should educate their children, learn humility. Also accept other people's refusal.

2 to achieve the purpose of SAPO humor.

For example, you go to the supermarket, the child to see what you want, you do not buy, he sat on the ground crying, until you compromise.

Continuously for a long time, children will develop to self as the central character, estimated later want anything, will use this to recruit, but not everyone can even though his parents must be a good education, spoiled and not allow others to compromise.


Look at the beautiful things secretly back,.

So it is easy to let the children feel that as long as he wants to be able to hold, the thief will steal sooner or later.

Parents in educating their children, let him realize that they are wrong at the same time, should also try to meet the normal needs of children.

4 should not sleep

At 10 in the evening to go to bed, the child but the doll and plush toys spread to bed, continue to play downtown, refused to sleep.

Such a long time, rest time certainly is not the law, if parents allow children once and again, and stay up late, regular work and rest and good living habits is hard to develop. So, regardless of the child to find any reason, parents have to think of a way to refuse.

5 lie

This is a must stop, there was a 6 year old children play "martial arts", the vase shattered. When my mother asked about it, he said it was a cat in the house.

Parents should educate their children to be honest, when he knew that lying is good for you, maybe will liars, it is difficult to talent.

Parents in the education process, must not be soft hearted effect, to give the child the correct values.

Making mistakes is not terrible, admit and correct, is good.

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