The second successful students with symptoms of male boy, share experience, verify the quasi!

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The second successful students with symptoms of male boy, share experience, verify the quasi!

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My husband and I knew in college together. After graduating from our own business, how say to do poineering work during the painful and difficult to eat cold shoulder is inevitable, but the marriage a year ushered in our first child, my small cotton padded jacket, her husband liked, since our daughter, husband's business is more and more smooth, we not only for the big house, but also to buy the BMW. So, the husband often said her daughter is a daughter of his lucky star, it is in every matter. But the husband too busy working, travel is commonplace, so is her daughter often two or three days to see a father. I looked at her daughter all day to play alone, very lonely, I also want to have a second child initiation of the idea.
A child, mother is very supportive. After all her old home feel to a male sun to inherit the property of his son, if in the future to the daughter, fall into the waixing who's hands. However, the husband does not seem to give birth to a second child, in his words, boys and girls are the same, now as long as a child, a good cultivate talent can. For another, there will not appear in his snatch. A husband's theory, my mother-in-law and I feel angry and funny. I repeatedly promise to educate their children, will make two children get along, deeply attached to each other. Because the husband advocated letting nature take its course, give birth to boys and girls are the same. I don't dare to ask him to cooperate with me in a flagrant way too do ovulation intercourse, making orgasm male sexual secrets. So, I'm going from my own hands, in the circle of moms many mothers say to eat before pregnancy alkali benefits children can progress, a boy of probability. I also try to prepare two months pregnant, I finally got pregnant, pregnancy and the response of the big daughter is a bit different. I made some statistics about the changes that I made to the whole pregnancy:

1, the table (not in accordance with the table I Qing figured, I do not know is not very accurate is not wrong)

2, thick on the line under the thin, straight, but up and down without alignment, the following line of rough left

3, belly button with the stomach flat, not protruding, the navel is relatively soft

4, no pregnancy morning sickness, bedtime occasionally retching, early lethargy, after three months in good condition and full body

5, three months to show B spine arranged a long spine first heard the boy

6, significant pregnant late, early fetal movement, about 14 weeks have fish spit bubble that, six months ago fetal movement on the left, after 6 months of fetal movement fundamentally on the right

7, armpit, neck and navel are black nearby

8, pregnancy urine pH value 7 ~ 8

9, the value of neutrophil is higher than the reference range, but the proportion of the neutrophil is within the reference range.

10, right anterior placenta, stomach small and sharp, wants, very tight, straight waist length, no fat, no arms behind

11, love to eat acid, do not like sweets

12, the biparietal diameter minus the femur length is less than 2

13, fetal heart constantly in between 130 to 150, no more than 150

14, the baby's father's intuition as well as the dream is a son

15, two days before the expected date of birth, the first break the water

Just about these other can not think of a really stupid three years now pregnant two times seems to be silly for six years, huh, huh. But I also silly to me finally ushered in the my little prince now good word Qi Quantai happy, I also wish you were pregnant mothers good pregnancy also want to be good word successfull.We welcome the attention of WeChat yer68888 public number surprise Oh, relevant pre pregnancy nutrition guidance and inoculation knowledge. And new mothers regularly share Nanbao successful cheats and immediate attention to also give the value of 88 yuan Baidu killed are not check the boy female comprehensive guidance information