3 year old child to drink half of mung bean soup "halo", the doctor's words let parents see light suddenly!

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3 year old child to drink half of mung bean soup "halo", the doctor's words let parents see light suddenly!

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3 year old child to drink half of mung bean soup "halo", the doctor's words let parents see light suddenly!

Drink half a green bean soup, 3 year old baby "dizzy"

Ms. Wu has been a very depressed, 3 years old daughter always shout dizzy, to the hospital for an examination is also no problem, doctors asked your baby's eating habits, my mother said because of oral ulcer in children and in health book see mung bean can be heat clearing and detoxifying, often gave the child a drink mung bean soup "relieve inflammation or internal heat". Doctors blame Wu mother: "one day no matter how much green bean soup to drink, people drink a virtual."

Wu mother feel and didn't do anything wrong, the first drink for a period of time, the child's mouth ulcers did not how long, and continue to drink more than half a year, children often cry dizziness, listen to the doctor say did he realize.

Doctors do not recommend a regular drink mung bean soup is the reason: mung bean soup is good, but it should be divided into physical, time to drink. Not often drink drink every day, so it is easy to cold, especially in children.

Mung bean, also known as the green bean, which belongs to the Leguminosae, named for its green color, small and plump. Mung bean is summer diet Jiapin, it not only has good edible value, but also has very good medicinal value. "Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "mung bean, swelling Zhidou power although from the red bean, and hot pressing force of detoxification. And Qi, thick stomach, through the meridians."

Green red soup soup good, detoxification

Mung bean's heat in the skin, detoxification of work, including.

Tom Green, Jieshu: if only to relieve summer heat, when the mung bean soup Amoy net, with the fire to boil, about 10 minutes you can, pay attention to not for a long time to cook. This boil out of the soup, green color, relatively clear. Drink when it is not necessary to eat beans together, we can achieve a good refreshing effect.

Red soup detoxification: if it is to heat detoxification, it is best to cook the beans rotten. The mung bean soup color and turbidity, refreshing effect is poor, but more heat detoxification.

Mung bean soup heat detoxification, children drink more attention to!

Mung bean is always refreshing to share, appropriate to drink no problem, excessive drinking of mung bean soup will meet. Mung bean Hydropower to the stomach fire, in fact, mung bean water on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is partial to cold, give the baby to take but will increase the burden on the baby's stomach.

Secondly, the protein content of mung bean is more than the chicken, large molecular protein needs to be converted into small molecular peptides, amino acids under the action of the enzyme can be absorbed by the human body. The child's gastrointestinal digestive function is poor, it is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time, easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.

Generally speaking, the spleen and stomach function in infants is not perfect, before 1 year of age is best not to give the child to drink green bean soup; 2 to 3 years old to start eating porridge, may be appropriate to add a little green bean. After 6 years old, only then can drink adult quantity.

Children eat mung beans, a lot of benefits oh!

  • Green beans are rich in phosphorus, children eat mung beans, can add phosphorus, promote nerve excitability, maintain vitality, increase appetite.

  • Mung beans are rich in calcium, children eat mung beans, calcium can be added to promote the healthy development of bones.

  • Mung beans contain nicotinic acid, the child to eat mung beans, you can add nicotinic acid, to promote the healthy development of the brain and nervous system; can also be clearing heat and detoxification, so as not to get angry.

  • Green beans contains rich in dietary fiber and potassium, children eat mung bean can nourish stomach, promote gastrointestinal digestion, for detoxification urination; also Mingmu, to have a good eyesight.

  • Mung bean contains a wealth of protease inhibitors. Children eat green beans, but also can add trypsin inhibitor, reduce protein decomposition, maintenance of protein, protect the health of the kidney.

A child can eat how many green beans?

Our summer mung bean soup base (boiled water and mung bean ratio of 3:1)

Age groupConsumption / timefrequency
0~1 years of age0ml0 times
1~3 years of age10~30ml1 times / week
3~6 years of age30~60ml1~2 times / week
6~12 years of age60~120ml2 times / week
Above 12 years oldAbove 120ml2~3 times / week

Give the baby to drink mung bean soup is not too strong, if the baby some cold of spleen and stomach, can be in the soup on a few dates, or put 2 slices ginger, jujube and ginger are Nuanwei.

Baby after 1 years of age can be appropriate to drink some green bean soup, but the mung bean cold, it is best to be equipped with some rice into mung bean porridge, so that the baby will eat better.

Summer Helvdoutang know taboo!1 do not wok to cook the mung bean soup

Mung bean's most active ingredients are in mung bean husks, mung bean peel flavonoids and iron metal ions may form a darker complexes, make the color of black bean soup, after eating can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion. So the boiled bean soup casserole is most ideal.

2 boiled mung bean soup with no alkali

Mung bean is rich in vitamin B, it is an important part of mung bean Jieshu characteristics, can compensate for the nutrient loss by sweating. And caustic soda can severely damage the vitamin B. So, cook mung bean soup is best not to add alkali. If you want to have some soup boiled sticky, consider adding a small amount of oatmeal or glutinous rice to thickening".

3 Tangbuke mung bean mung bean soup to drink every day appropriate drink is no problem, adults drink 2 to 3 times a week, every time a bowl to. Children should be specific in accordance with the physical. 4 not fasting drink mung bean soup from the point of view of the traditional Chinese medicine, relatively cold mung bean, fasting drink easily on the spleen and stomach damage. Cold body have cold limbs, fatigue, cold pain in the low back and leg, diarrhea will be thin, etc. symptoms, eat green beans but will aggravate the symptoms. 5 can not be too much to drink mung bean soup containing oligosaccharides easy to flatulence, and mung bean are not easy to digest food, excessive drinking can damage the spleen and stomach. 6 are taking medicine children should not eat mung bean mung bean with detoxification function, from the mung bean protein and other ingredients can be combined with the organic phosphorus, heavy metals into sediment. However, these detoxification components will also react with the drug related components, thereby reducing drug efficacy.Children eat mung beans, so do the most suitable!1 millet mung bean porridge

Preparation: mung bean, millet, water.

Practice: 1, will millet and mung bean mixed together, wash clean with clear water; 2, the pot to join the amount of water, boil into the millet and mung bean; 3, with the fire, and turn into a small fire slow boil and bring to the mung bean porridge rotten thick shaped can. 2 mung bean soup

Preparation: mung bean, water, sugar.

Practice: 1, mung bean clean, green beans in water and the proportion of 3:1 pot Zhulan; 2, Zhulan, turn off the heat add appropriate amount of sugar, seal stew 10 minutes. 3 kelp mung bean sand

Preparation: kelp, mung bean, dried tangerine peel, sugar, water.

Practice: 1, green beans washed, warm water soak 1 hour; kelp also soak wash; 2, take pot boiling water, into the mung beans, dried tangerine peel, continue to fire, 5 minutes after simmer stew; 3, about 30 minutes later, changed fire, 5 minutes later uncovery will float to the upper mung bean skin scoop go; 4, mung bean until most of Sulan, adding kelp, sugar, cook for 5 minutes, you can. TipsSo cook mung beans, half of the time!

Cook the mung bean soup is a time-consuming things, here to share with you a cook the mung bean tips, boiled mung bean, save time and worry, as long as two minutes can easily fix Oh!

Method: wash the green beans with water into the refrigerator to freeze completely frozen, and so would like to cook mung bean soup can be directly taken out to cook, and so the water opened and then the beans into the pot, 2 minutes later! The mung bean has been in the pot, is not very magical?

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