Children's toothpaste ingredients hidden mystery! To choose the toothpaste to the baby to pay attention to!

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Children's toothpaste ingredients hidden mystery! To choose the toothpaste to the baby to pay attention to!

2016-07-21 14:14:15 489 ℃

[Ke original] and Ke recently released toothpaste for children report, 10 of the children's toothpaste all bad review of evaluation results, really let treasure treasure dad mom are overwhelmed. Children's toothpaste quality is so bad, but also to give your baby with it?

In fact, this kind of worry is completely unnecessary, the detection of 10 of the children's toothpaste products without superior products, but in 2015 and Ke released toothpaste for children in the report, you can rest assured that the purchase of products Oh!

So, what difference of superior products and excellent product, the definition of what is the difference? To explore the mystery of the composition table and Ke Jun today through the analysis of the same scrawly handwriting.

Words not to say, first image.

Methylparaben VS preservative: sodium benzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate

A lot of treasure dad treasure to buy toothpaste for the baby, the first concern is the preservative. At present, in order to ensure the quality of toothpaste, inhibit the propagation of microorganisms, to prevent excessive bacteria, usually in the toothpaste system to add a certain amount of preservatives.

Therefore, commercially available toothpastes and there will be less preservatives, but the safety of preservatives is need to pay attention to the problem.

Excellent (A+) toothpaste (Clear Do toothpaste for children (2-8 years old) strawberry flavor) use of the main preservative: methyl benzyl ester

Warning (d) toothpaste (baby Jinshui children's toothpaste strawberry flavor, Pseudostellaria surface children mouthguard toothpaste strawberry) using the main preservative: sodium benzoate, hydroxyl benzene methyl and hydroxyl phenylpropyl

Sodium benzoate is easy to cause allergies

The antiseptic effect of sodium benzoate was greatly influenced by pH value, and the effect of sterilization and antibacterial activity increased with the increase of acidity of the medium. Therefore, sodium benzoate is generally more applied to the pH value of the silica as abrasive in the formulation of toothpaste.

Sodium benzoate inhibited the role of yeast and bacteria, and often play a role in inhibiting and killing bacteria in toothpaste. However, sodium benzoate is a relatively common cause of allergic components. Therefore, all containing nipasol products will be excellent, downgrade.

- nipasol may affect the reproductive system

The EU Scientific Committee for consumer safety assessment report showed that the molecular chains of p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters longer (such as propyl p-hydroxybenzoate), the role of the estrogen will be stronger and stronger. In some animal experiments, will affect the reproductive system of male mice.

Therefore, European Union EU regulation regulation No. 1004/2014 provisions and application in 3 years old of the following infant diaper area resident products, prohibit adding hydroxyl propyl benzene, to prevent the material through the injured skin into the children's body.

They think this risk and, in the children's toothpaste products are more prominent, because when children brush their teeth may mistakenly swallow toothpaste. Therefore, all containing nipasol products will be excellent, downgrade.

The safety of methyl benzene methyl ester is better, and the effect is obvious.

Compared to the long chain of p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters such as nipasol, its better security, and also has antiseptic effect. Therefore, methylparaben containing toothpaste products will not be degraded and.

Surface active agent: sodium dodecyl sulfate VS sodium dodecyl sulfate

Sodium salt of sodium dodecyl sulfate is stimulating and rich in foam.

Will stimulate the mucosal and gingival surface activity and foaming ingredients - sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS) is often used in toothpaste, shampoo and other products, the rich bubble can give people a more clean feeling.

The evaluation report of the cosmetic product evaluation committee (CIR) points out that, in view of the irritation of sodium dodecyl sulfate, the concentration should not exceed 1%.

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