Rainy days at home can also play a very high game

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Rainy days at home can also play a very high game

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Rubber strip game:

Plastic is really a good tool, so the game space for children to play for a long time, toys are not expensive is good, let the children to create their own game space, which is a very meaningful thing! Tip: you can choose cloth tape, easy cleaning.

Tape path:

The gameplay is still with adhesive tape on, looking for a home in the aisle, the rubber suspension random paste into a number of trajectory, the children will in the hands of the car or the villain I throw, how can let them through the barrier without being stuck, to test the children's hand eye coordination, ha ha, this game is not to make the adult also very seductive?

Still is the glue strip, parents on the floor posted any of several routes, let the children follow the trajectory to walk, can cultivate their ability to balance the Oh, a little child can with a straw blowing the ball, get the ball in accordance with the travel trajectory, is also very fun game.


In the floor set a region as a destination, let the children in a certain distance topical hands will promote the ball, see ball can stay to the destination, the destination region to set the score, the whole family to play together, take a look at the last who gets the highest score

Table hammock

This clever play children can learn, the table is a natural child bed + hammock, full of fun.

Category game:

To collect all kinds of shapes of objects, let the children to classify, in a pleasant game to learn the shape of the knowledge, such a recognition of a certain depth.

Find bottle cap:

Home without a small bottle, a small box must be a lot of it, their caps and bottles separated, so that the children themselves to be paired, it is to cultivate children's ability to observe carefully. Big box Playground: a home without a large cardboard box is taken out, let the children themselves to draw a game field, will be small head imagine scenarios are realized, the LEGO villain or small dolls are brought, play games to create their own game in and full of fun.

Drawing pattern:

Print out some has the same pattern of the paper can be circular, triangular or arbitrary shape), and children together with different patterns or designs to fill, thinking + creation, highly recommend this creative game matching game: the classic memory matching game, find some scrap colored box. About 6 different colors, 2 colors, and then cut out of the same size square or circular. Put them all down on the floor, let the children open one by one, looking for the same box on the pattern matching, a test of the children's memory and observation.

Throw the dice:

In the square box six were written under six different activities. (as the movements of the body or is improvisational performance), thrown into the which must follow the prompts to perform, very suitable for family gatherings!

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