A gender from the pregnant mother was!

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A gender from the pregnant mother was!

2016-07-21 14:18:59 353 ℃

Originally, the Chinese traditional physiognomy also has a way to distinguish the sex of the fetus. Perhaps, from the difference of the facial expression of the mother's face can be seen pregnant with a boy or a girl?

In the Chinese traditional physiognomy, there are many very interesting way is to teach how we distinguish the pregnant mother born a boy or a girl, because in ancient no distinction between devices like X-ray the leading and about the ancients, he passed the long time investigation and practice have gradually summarized a apply physiognomy way to distinguish between male and female infant. Today, I to we introduced some intervening measures, expectations of us learned.

One way: look at the mother's demeanor

In physiognomy theory, the manner is not ignored in the first place, voicing manner directly affects the pregnant mother and fetal and infant physical development status, and physiognomy distinguish men and women the way one is watching the pregnant mother's demeanor and. Specific measures are if fetal a baby, pregnant mother's complexion is excellent, and the strength is adequate, from expression showed expression often energy light, speech and deportment in much some quiet elegant, less irritability, tension, scattered manner, the manner of the pregnant mother usually in physiognomy meaning a baby boy is born and baby after birth health, healthy and beautiful. Instead, in physiognomy thought if the pregnant mother's demeanor often appear flustered, dirty or slack and clamp used mood present unstable situation, usually due to the pregnant mother fetal strength slightly lack and birth the baby's possibility is larger, as a pregnant mother's relatives, deal with the pregnant mother was more than compensated some nutrient, pay attention to the pregnant mother's rest can fill up the pregnant mother fetal strength, born a smart beloved baby.

Methods two pregnant mother fetal status:

In physiognomy, distinguish another way pregnant mother of male and female infants is baby's movement situation, the so-called "quickening" is refers to the probability of male baby in pregnant mothers in vivo activity, in the Chinese traditional physiognomy, if pregnant mothers movement condition contrast uniform rhythm usually give birth to a child and if fetal movement if symmetry advantageous also marks the baby's development, in excellent condition, confusion and after birth is not simple by disease, tending comparison is good, on the contrary, if the pregnant mother's movements often appear uneven and unstable situation, in physiognomy usually give birth to a child female probability will be greater. So as the pregnant mother's family, often pay attention to what movement status of pregnant mothers can not only know the developmental status of the baby and is still distinguish sex of a baby a useful contrast technique.

Approach three: look at the abdomen of pregnant mothers

In Chinese traditional physiognomy, distinguish the sex of babies is a comparison of classical words, called "male female holding mother, mother back". This sentence very image, together is a distinction between baby and a little trick, the so-called "male embrace mother, female mother back" is from the pregnant mother's abdomen looks, if abdomen, showing a "hold" shape (belly forward outstanding, have in the anterior ventral hold things attitude) tend to give birth to baby boy the probability is very high. On the contrary, if the abdomen showed "back" of the shape (abdominal outstanding part significantly, ventral posterior and on both sides of the wide, have abdominal back things attitude) tend to give birth to child female greater probability, and look at the pregnant mother's abdomen can also about the baby's men and women have certain distinction.

Method four: the face of pregnant mother's complexion

Just to we introduced are born baby pregnant mom the strength is enough, so the complexion will be flashed, primary table now pregnant mother's eyes beneath the skin color contrast pale shiny, moist feeling, in addition the pregnant mother's between the eyebrows of color light to create, not black, the nose is also compared with clean and glossy, the complexion and faces to the pregnant mother usually baby boy born probability will be high contrast and on the baby's growth and health condition in comparison with ambition. On the contrary, if the probability of the pregnant mother's eyes above if appear blue in the color of skin dark light situation, usually because of the lack of power and cause, thus giving birth to a child, the baby will larger. In addition for the complexion of the pregnant mother, the family to give the pregnant mother some nutrient compensation and so can lack of power compensation pregnant mothers womb for the pregnant mother and the baby are very good.

Above several contrasting funny physiognomy distinguish between men and women is we compared simple grasp and bear, this blessing reborn baby have a healthy body, good luck in everything.