Women need to be alert: 9 things, let your uterus is very hurt, or can cause cervical cancer

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Women need to be alert: 9 things, let your uterus is very hurt, or can cause cervical cancer

2016-07-21 14:23:09 830 ℃

The womb is a woman's sexual symbol, and the health of women is deeply influenced by the womb. Daily life should pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus method, in order to make the uterus healthy. Daily 9 things to the uterus is very hurt, do not do!

1, pregnant many times

Survey shows that pregnant more than 3 times, the risk of suffering from uterine diseases greatly increased.

2, can not be a private abortion

Private abortion more choice of safe measures to select a small hospital, so that the uterus is seriously damaged, and even a lot of people infected.

3, do not choose not to choose the regular hospital

Reason as above. Some remote and backward areas or the old way of birth, maternal and fetal life is threatened.

4, life is not indecent

If a woman's sex life is not indecent, or no adult have sexual life, make the body suffer from mental damage, easy to produce cervical erosion, and cervical cancer and other disease.

In particular, there is a history of abortion, pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding threatened abortion women, or older mothers, to prohibit sexual life.

8, can not be repeated abortion

Women can not abortion more than 3 times in a lifetime, 1 years, not more than 2 abortion. Short term abortion repeated, very easy to cause uterine injury, the doctor can not see the flow of the uterine cavity, very easy to cause injury to the uterus, induced uterine cavity infection, uterine adhesions, and even infertility.

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