Born son of the scientific method, how you choose to regulate the way, for you secret life of those things

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Born son of the scientific method, how you choose to regulate the way, for you secret life of those things

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Pregnancy is a great thing, but in the happiness, the sex of the fetus has also become a whole family and friends to discuss the theme. The influence of the older generation by the traditional concept of the most love boy, due to the inheritance of the family name. Most of the girls love a new generation of young people, because the daughter caring and considerate. But so far there is no scientific way to ensure that the sex of the fetus is conceived naturally. The birth of a boy or a girl depends on a lot of factors, but the following several ways to get a scientific research.
According to the scientists found that the food, the acid and alkali of the food will affect the probability of female students. Want to conceive a boy, women usually have to eat more alkaline food, while men to eat acidic foods; to pregnant girls, women should avoid eating too much alkaline food, but also do not eat too much acidic food, so as not to affect the physical health, both men and women were intake of balanced diet. The so-called alkaline food, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements of the relatively high content of food, they are in the body of the product of the metabolism of alkaline substances, the timing of the boy. Alkaline food general, including cabbage, cucumber, carrots, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, taro, seaweed, citrus fruits, figs, watermelon, grapes, raisins, strawberry, chestnut, coffee, wine, natural green algae class, alkali Yi Jiaer alkali content is twice the ordinary food, rapid recuperation body constitution
TCM believes that the health of boys or girls and the couple's vitality and mood. In general, a woman's strength, the orgasm is fast; lack of vitality, essence, the slow, or no orgasm. If the man is first excited, and woman repercussions particularly slow, Yang is not enough. Then the man to reach the orgasm, women's sexual climax in the post, the fine powder will wrap the blood, because the woman is dominated by blood, blood in the inside of the natural born girl probability is high. The woman's orgasm in the former, the man's orgasm in the post, that is, the blood open wrap, the probability of having a boy is high. There are ancient words as evidence: "Yin blood and Yang Jing after blood, wrapped into fine, fine bone, and the male form. Yang Jing first, Yin blood after ginseng, Jingkai wrapping blood, blood into this, and the woman."

Chinese medicine also believes that the birth of a boy or a girl is also related to the age of the couple, physical. The ancients said, "father of little old, all female will Lei", "female strong parent decline, male students will be weak", its meaning is if the father than the mother of a young man, ordinary easy consumption weak girl; if mother physically strong and weak father body side, then, easy to give birth to a boy, also the boy's body is relatively weak.

Western medicine thought that the boy or the girl is born by the mother's physical constitution. If the mother is alkaline, it is easy to give birth to a boy, and if the mother is acidic, it is easy to give birth to a girl. This is because the pH of the vagina and cervix of the uterus changes with the cycle of ovulation. Under normal conditions, the vagina is acidic, ovulation period is alkaline. But if the woman is acid constitution, the vagina is in the period of ovulation is acidic. When sexual intercourse, X sperm advantage of relying on special endurance and acid resistant, mostly reluctantly after, into the fallopian tube, and Y sperm through the acidic environment have been decimated, mostly aborted, is fundamentally completely annihilated. Therefore, the acidic physique of women, even in the period of ovulation is likely to give birth to girls with big.

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