Pediatricians, family secret, hematemesis recommended! Strongly recommend that mothers of self-defense!

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Pediatricians, family secret, hematemesis recommended! Strongly recommend that mothers of self-defense!

2017-01-08 11:23:43 188 ℃

1 if the child does not have a full moon, it is best not to let too many people, especially the elderly and children, not full moon child ill for one hundred percent adults infected, a chronic disease of the elderly and children do not speak of health is arch-criminal.

2 full moon child, don't be afraid to see the light, see the light of the optic nerve can stimulate the baby's development, but also can timely find the baby had jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, the child must be timely treatment of jaundice, don't listen to the old man, after naturally good, jaundice can cause very serious consequences of cerebral palsy every year, children's Hospital from a lot of jaundice caused by cerebral palsy.

3 as long as the conditions allow the baby, it is necessary to maintain a healthy bath in a timely manner, thick fat coated body will affect the growth and development of eczema prone.

4 children blood vessels is very fine, when general injections are heading, don't let the child will become stupid absurd that starts later, there is no basis for.

5 children to the five to six months will be diarrhea, as long as there is no dehydration, you do not have infusion injections, injections is added sugar and salt, an hour later in the meal to drink water at the same time eat Leigh Bhave Lin and Mommy love. Parents do not think that children do not drink water do not drink, this is a big mistake, will make your baby more and more heavy, and even lead to renal failure due to lack of water. There are five to seven days of diarrhea. Don't worry.

6 children cold runny nose cough is usually viral cold, beginning not blindly injections, first to drink water, eat antiviral drugs and cold medicine, common cold time is about five days. But be sure to drink plenty of water.

7 there are a lot of children cough and cold also eat snacks and drinks, this is taboo, children belong to have positive physical lung heat and eat some food and puffed foods containing caffeine, which is ten and a half months add fuel to the flames, is not good, there will be consequences if not later, old chronic bronchitis.

8 children tonsillitis is a common disease, first, don't let the children eat snacks and sweet things, with Iodophor home to use it with my throat, three times a day, with watermelon frost spray spray, although the child is very uncomfortable, but this method is very effective, if once opened the first injection will get out of hand.

9 kinds of diseases will be accompanied by no more than 38 first have a fever, do not use, do not use Zhiqing, despite the increased probability of fever quickly but he will let your children get leukemia, with the safety of compound new particles, generally 4 to 6 hours of fever, but if the children do not drink, he would not have a fever, fever mainly by sweating, be sure to drink plenty of water, use warm water to clean.

10 children have a fever have a process for about 3 days, not one day no fever is in a hurry, mainly to replenish water.

11 cough children will spit, because the abdominal pressure increases, the stomach has not yet developed to improve this phenomenon will occur, as long as not to choke on the line. Don't make a fuss, you'll be fine after 5.

12 not recommended for children under 7 small clinic medication injections, a shot is good, eat a good medicine or fill two bowel is good, one hundred percent is the use of hormones, and many drugs expired into small clinics, clinics and health can not be guaranteed.

13 If you have time to see their own children, there are a lot of Home Zhang old people to see their children, which leads to some children very strange temper not obedient, but he came out of the Pro Pro generation is likely to be the future of children.

14 children under the age of five to carry clothing and water, do not wear too much, because many are sweating let the wind blows cold.

15 children under the age of three are prone to febrile convulsions, parents must not think that temperature is down to children to eat and drink no matter, in fact, to exhaust the injury of brain cells, must do 10 days a course of hyperbaric oxygen, ventilation and often seriously children, chances to young or middle-aged time schizophrenia depression is far higher than that of normal children.

16 children with pneumonia or bronchitis is usually to play ten days around the needle, don't listen to the small clinic, shot on the theory, and the world is not a shot like pneumonia, is a groundless statement.

17 children start the disease when don't feel like a child I have plenty of money, the doctor gave me the best medicine, in fact, when children start as long as not a heavy disease, is not recommended to make good use of the drug, or to the middle-aged or elderly because he will no antibiotics available and OVER. So in foreign countries is not easy to use antibiotics.

18 sick children do not own the medicine to children, there is a lot of virus without antibiotics, but also eat some antibiotics every day, with everything, although not all but no systematic study and practice, you are a quack.

19 even if you have money at home, the baby again baby, it is best not to let the children eat junk food, KFC McDonald's, etc., a lot of 7,8 years old boy and girl, the consequences of their own want to know.

When not in the hospital said 20 other hospitals do, how to treat the child before, it will interfere with the diagnosis of diagnosis, and some child condition changes quickly, a kind of a day, don't say a doctor like a child, for example, vascular filling, drink 500 ml of water. Soon become good, poor diet child rehabilitation than eating good slow, don't compare, although the same kind of disease, how can you have a good body of fast recovery.

21 children play a scalp needle generally 5,6 days of destruction, do not fight, then you should use the raw potato slices attached to the injections, promote vascular recovery, three times a day, every half hour, don't angry and said, the hospital a hit on you, not technology as long as more than 5 days, children can play is many times by touch, no vessel you again good technology is also in vain.

22 when children hospital injections must cooperate nurse, let you do you do, many children because injections did not listen to the warnings, or finally shares needle puncturesiteseepage, after pulling out the needle head and foot pressing hand for ten minutes, 5 minutes, so there is no bruises after injections, don't let the child temper, finally or their own hardship.

23 a lot of doctors in the hospital, should not be in front of the doctor nurse who is good who bad, curse, a back to two, you can remember that no one will give you a serious medical injection, the medical system is interlinked.

24 sick children don't blame this blame that, lead to family discord, no reason, as long as the child cure disease is good, there are many hospitals in the rally calling between husband and wife.

25 sick children do not force their children to go to school, afraid of falling class, in fact, he was sick in school learning efficiency is very low, but also not conducive to rehabilitation.